Uberquiesenberg Invitational Total War Event

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Uberquiesenberg Invitational Total War Event 2018
Abeldane flag.jpg Kingdom of Uberquiesenberg.png
Date11 January 2018
VenueGrassy Plain, Halyards, Uberquiesenberg

The Uberquiesenberg Invitational Total War event was a Medieval II: Total War e-sporting event held in Uberquiesenberg, on the 11 January 2018, and played between Alejandro Whyatt, Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in Abelden, unofficially on behalf of the same nation, and Newton von Uberquie, Palatine-Viceroy of Uberquiesenberg. Alejandro Whyatt won 2-0 in the event, after winning the 10,000 Florin and 20,000 Florin battles decisively.

The Invitational Event was the first of it's kind in both Abelden and Uberquiesenberg, though both players had played unofficial friendly matches with various winners on several occasions. The event was intended to serve as a precusor to the implementation of a leaguing Guild system in Abelden, as a way to test rules and the capabilities of the games under professional circumstances.


The event was fought using the standard Medieval II vanilla. Both competetors had to chose a faction which they would stick to for the remainder of the event, Whyatt chosing England, notable for it's strong longbows and a vareity of infantry, and von Uberquie taking France, for it's heavy cavalry and relatively good infantry. Both games were fought using the Last Man Standing gamemode, with no time limit, and a maximum of 6 Cavalry units and 8 Missile units under huge unit sizes. During the first game, the competetors were limited to 10,000 florins (the ingame currency) to buy their units and upgrades, whereas the second game was limited to 20,000 florins. A third game would have had a limit of 50,000 florins though, due to Whyatt's victory after the second game, a third game was not fought. All games were fought on the equal Grassy Plain map, which has no characteristics that favour either side.

An example of the map and formation used by von Uberquie during the first game.

Game One - 10,000 Florins

Date Home Competitor Faction Men Deployed Men Lost Men Remaining Percentage Score Men Remaining Men Lost Men Deployed Faction Away Competitor Map Match Length
11 January 2017 Abeldane flag.jpg Alejandro Whyatt England 2091 820 1271 60.8% - 12.9% 281 1900 2181 France Kingdom of Uberquiesenberg.png Newton von Uberquie Grassy Plain 31 minutes

The opening game was a decisive Whyatt victory. Whyatt opted for a reserved strategy, with thin lines and eventually split into two flanks - heavy archers staying on his left flank, while his cavalry was moved to the right flank to attempt an encirclement. von Uberquie maintained a stable force, and used Mounted Archers to whittle down and skirmish against Whyatt's right flank, gaining a small lead using the Culverin cannon. Later, after a long stalemate, Newton initiated an attack on his right flank but came up short against the heaby contingent of English longbowmen. Whyatt used this opportunity to strike with both flanks and eventually routed von Uberquie conclusively.


Abeldane flag.jpg Whyatt Unit Type Unit Size Upgrades Upgrades Unit Size Unit Type Kingdom of Uberquiesenberg.png von Uberquie
Experience Weapon Armour Armour Weapon Experience
General's Bodyguard (Early) 40 3 0 40 General's Bodyguard (Late)
Merchant Cavalry Militia 1 80 0 0 80 Chivalric Knights
Merchant Cavalry Militia 2 80 0 1 80 French Mounted Archers 1
Armoured Seargent 1 150 2 1 80 French Mounted Archers 2
Armoured Seargent 2 150 2 0 150 Seargent Spearmen 1
Armoured Seargent 3 150 0 0 150 Seargent Spearmen 2
Heavy Bill Militia 1 120 0 0 120 Spear Militia 1
Heavy Bill Militia 2 120 0 0 120 Spear Militia 1
Heavy Billmen 1 120 2 0 150 Pike Militia 1
Heavy Billmen 2 120 2 0 150 Pike Militia 2
Heavy Billmen 3 120 0 0 120 Dismounted Feudal Knights 1
Peasant Archers 1 120 0 0 120 Dismounted Feudal Knights 2
Peasant Archers 2 120 0 1 120 Peasant Archers 1
Yeoman Archers 1 120 0 1 120 Peasant Archers 2
Yeoman Archers 2 120 0 0 120 Peasant Archers 3
Longbowman 1 120 0 0 120 Crossbowmen 1
Longbowman 2 120 0 0 120 Crossbowmen 2
          0 40 Culverin

Game Two - 20,000 Florins