Ultamian Army of the Republic

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Ultamian Army of the Republic
Ultamiya Military Flag.png
Flag of the Ultamian Armed Forces
Motto: Te Winata Unagodo

(English: To Victory Under God)

March Ultamian Military March
Established March 27, 2010
Country Republic of Ultamiya
Branches Army, Navy (symbolic only), Air Force
Sub-branches None
Previous engagements Ultamian Insurgencies, Atlantis Civil War, Fraternal War, Pimpville War, Slinky War, Hicks War
Current engagements Defunct
Commander-in-Chief David I of Varina
Minister of War Antonia Romaiyin
General information
Headquarters Ultima, Capital District
Active personnel (at height) 3
Weapons Various Nerf/other weaponry

The Ultamian Army of the Republic was the official military of the Republic of Ultamiya. Though it was never officially founded, it came into being gradually until it was officially inducted into service during the Stravasite-Ultamian War.


In the first week of Ultamiya's existence, it really had no military as it was busy developing itself in other ways. However, the outbreak of the Stravasite-Ultamian War halted most development to concentrate on the defeat of Stravasalter. After the defeat of the famous "Stravasite toddler" at Fort Manhalia, President David spent the next week and a half developing new weapon technologies. One of the main weapons experimented with was a plastic egg (Easter being the day after the battle) with marbles or magnetic balls inside that would crack pen and release them. Since the eggs would crack after a few throws, they were not of much use. After the war ended, the military was not used much, aside from somewhat frequent trips to Fort Manhalia and later Fort Manhalia Military District. Since neither the Atlantis Civil War, the Pimpville War, or the Slinky War had any action, the Ultamian military bided time while waiting for these conflicts to end, which eventually, they all would. Finally, after over a year of inactivity, the military returned to the forefront with two major victories in the Hicks War at First and Second Field.

On February 21, 2012, the 2012 Air Force Act inaugurated the Aerial Forces of the Ultamian Republic with a full set of ranks and with LTG Mikaila as Marshal and David running the duties of Vice Marshal. Later, on April 4, the 2012 Army Ranks and Management Act finished the ranks and insignia for the army, and also repealed the hundred-plane provision of the Air Force Act.

The latter half of the Ultamian Republic's existence witnessed the largest military buildup in the area's history, all under the guise of the UAR.


The Army was the main division of the UAR and was what the military as a whole was named after.


Ultamiya never had enough personnel to fill all the ranks, but it was planned to follow the rank system of the United States Army. As more active people joined the military, the rank slots would continue to be filled until the entire system was built.

As most micronational armies are small, David never intended for these ranks to be temporary and available for promotion until an adequate amount of people enlisted.

The officer ranks were completed in 2011, and the 2012 Army Ranks and Management Act provided enlisted ranks.

Officer ranks and insignia.


The UAR had no year-round uniform, however there was a certain style of dress that is sometimes worn during the winter months. This uniform included a jacket, long pants, and a type of hat; this could include a tricorner or western hat.


This section lists the personnel and weaponry that were employed by the UAR. The UAR ceased commissioning of weaponry on March 15, 2013 at the announcement of the country's dissolution.

Active personnel

This table lists the personnel that were enlisted in the UAR.

Active personnel
Name Rank Enlisted
David I of Varina General March 27, 2010
Mikaila I Lieutenant General May 23, 2011
Reiniya Major General May 23, 2011

Allied personnel

This table lists the various people that fought alongside the UAR in a conflict.

Allied personnel
Name Battle War Date
B. Petreima First Battle of the Field Hicks War May 16, 2011
G. Petreima First Battle of the Field Hicks War May 16, 2011
C. Petreima First Battle of the Field Hicks War May 16, 2011
D. Henderiya Second Battle of the Field Hicks War May 20, 2011


This table lists all weapons that were commissioned for the Ultamian Army. As all of these weapons are available for purchase within the United States of America, none of them were classified. Weapons that were owned by the Ultamian government are in bold, and weapons that were decommissioned are in italics.

The Stinger P36 (top) and the Stinger R39 (bottom), the two Airsoft weapons owned by the Ultamian government.
Active weapons
Name Type of weapon Commissioned
DT REV-10 Assault March 27, 2010
Firefly REV-8 Assault March 27, 2010
Magstrike AS-10 Assault March 27, 2010
Longshot CS-6 Rifle March 27, 2010
Recon CS-6 Rifle March 27, 2010
Raider CS-35 Rifle March 27, 2010
Longstrike CS-6 Rifle March 27, 2010
Vulcan EBF-25 Machine gun March 27, 2010
Element EX-6 Pistol March 27, 2010
Nite-Finder EX-3 Pistol March 27, 2010
Maverick REV-6 Pistol March 27, 2010
Marauder Melee March 27, 2010
Stampede ECS Machine gun September 4, 2010
BM Mace Melee September 4, 2010
Barrel Break IX-2 Assault December 25, 2010
Spectre REV-5 Pistol December 25, 2010
Barricade RV-10 Assault March 12, 2011
Alpha Trooper CS-18 Rifle March 12, 2011
Stonewall Melee March 12, 2011
Claw Hatchet Melee March 12, 2011
XRanger 2000 Other non-Nerf May 7, 2011
Stinger P9 Light airsoft June 21, 2011
MP5 Heavy airsoft June 21, 2011
M555AF Light airsoft July 16, 2011 – October 1, 2011
Nitron Disc December 25, 2011
Stinger R39 Heavy airsoft December 25, 2011
Stinger P36 Light airsoft December 25, 2011
Colt 1911 Light airsoft December 25, 2011
Stinger P307 Light airsoft January 15, 2012
M74DP Heavy airsoft January 15, 2012
Proton Disc March 12, 2012
Vendetta Melee March 12, 2012
Taurus PT92 Light airsoft August 21, 2012
Reflex IX-1 Pistol December 21, 2012
Z11 Light airsoft December 23, 2012
Z71 Heavy airsoft December 23, 2012
Lumitron Disc December 25, 2012
Pyragon Disc December 25, 2012
Rampage Rifle December 25, 2012
Retaliator Rifle March 12, 2013
The XRanger 2000.

Unconventional weapons

Aside from the various experimental weapons the Army tested, there were also a number of water-based "weapons" (mainly splash bombs or water guns) that were sometimes tested at John's Square Naval Base in the Capital District. As the Navy was only symbolic, and the Ultamian government owned no boats, this was an unconventional testing ground. However, there were a few unorthodox weapons that made their way into the Ultamian history book.

The Green Gun
The Green Gun, used during the Battle of Fort Manhalia on April 3rd, 2010. The red cog unwinds when the trigger is held down.

Perhaps the most famous of Ultamiya's unconventional weapons was one that didn't cause any damage at all: A small, green spring-powered gun that made sounds, but fires nothing. It was this gun that won the Battle of Fort Manhalia, leading many micronationalists to criticize Ultamiya for fighting the battle.

Now, after about 5 seconds of research, I have come up with the real story: "Then, some random toddler walked into the playground and, for some strange reason, started playing. The Ultamian Army then opened fire on the toddler with state-of-the-art rocks, sticks, and other loose items. The toddler returned fire with mulch, more rocks, and even throwing Ultamiya's own sticks back at them. This continued for about 20 minute [sic], before the toddler's mommy told him that he had to go. Many casualties were sustained, including splinters, headaches, and boo-boos. The Army then went home because they had run out of sandwiches."

— Bubba Marra on the Battle of Fort Manhalia (secundomia.co.cc)

The President later explained the real battle on the MicroWiki Forum, and today continues to own this gun.

The Battlemaster Mace
The Battlemaster Mace.

Maces were mainly used during the medieval era of Europe, and would lead many to think that they would be useless in micronational warfare. This is not the case, however, as a successful use of an Ultamian melee weapon turned the tide of the Pimpville War. By invading the Republic of Garden with only this mace and a shield, David successfully convinced Garden to surrender on October 21, 2010. The mace remained in service throughout Ultamiya's lifetime.

Air Force

The Aerial Forces of the Ultamian Republic were established on February 21, 2012 with the 2012 Air Force Act. It was run by a Marshal, who oversaw military use of planes, and a Vice Marshal, who oversaw scientific research. The VM answered to the Marshal but was generally independent.

The ranks of the Air Force were Airman, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Chief Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Staff Captain.

The duties of the Marshal of the Aerial Forces were run by Lieutenant General/Vice President Mikaila, and the duties of the Vice Marshal were run by the Commander-in-Chief, David.

The Air Force was supposed to have a hundred planes in its ranks by May 1, 2012, but this was cancelled by the 2012 Army Ranks and Management Act in April.

Current status

The military remained active for most of its lifetime, though the only day-to-day worker was the President himself. Though warfare was never in popular opinion, he always believed that it was a thrilling process.

Micronational warfare may be immature at times - but when actual military conflict occurs, and mind you it can in many ways - sometimes the boredom of running a micronation can go away. Not that it's boring in the first place, but you get the idea. If I didn't think warfare was something to, you know, look out for, and just do, I would just stay in the Government House.

— President David on micronational warfare

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