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UWLand, is a micro nation created on the 7th of May 2020. Our MicroNations goal is to unite the world, and to show how a non-corrupt and neutral country can exist! We want to make a happy life for people.

Contact us for further information: uwland.mail@gmail.com

Website: https://uwlandmail.wixsite.com/uwland


The government

The government has 3 main institutes:

The merits, The Justits, The HQ

The merits are a few chosen one, who are supporting the government, and can help the government in decisions

The Justits are neutral lawyers and deciders, they are the Supreme Court. They have a big voice in desitions

The HQ, is the parliament of UWLand, the Head of State controls it, and has multiple institutes, that belong to the HQ: army, bank, foreign relations, e.t.c


Our GDP, is currently based on selling vegetables, and growing plants. We also invest our countries GDP in the stock market.

Our currency is the Uwcoin (we are still working in the currency)

You can enter the Grand UWLand Casino, with our currency (work still in progress)

How do we elect the Head of State

- Anyone can run for H.S, you will e elected if:

  • 55% of the merits approve, or 70% of the population approves
  • You get elected if at least 55% of the population
  • The Justits approves your reign, or 87% of the population approves you

How do we make laws

If the HQ proposes a new law:

  • The Head of State and the Justits has to approve
  • 33.3% of the population has to agree with the new law

If a citizens proposes a new law

  • 5% of the population has to sign a petition
  • The HQ and the Justits have to agree
  • 33.3% of the population has to agree with the new law

Foreign Relations

We recognise: all U.N members except Hungary

Relations with other micronations:

still pending

The Army

under work (coming soon)


under work (coming soon)