United Korean Micronations

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United Korean Micronations
대한민국 초소형국민체 연합(Korean)

Official Logo

Headquarters NMU Administrative Branch

Official language Korean

Membership 7 official member states

General Secretary Oh Min-Ouk
Chairman of the UKM General Assembly Mirdov M. Kron
Chief Justice of the Korean Micronation Court of Justice Yi Geon-Young

Key dates
Foundation 13 Feburary 2018
Disestablishment (Still running)
OAM Reforms 13 July and 19 December 2010
Websites Official Website

United Korean Micronations (UKM), is a South Korean micronational organization.


UKM was established as an resistance force against the Restoration of NMU with the site manager being changed to a micronationalist.

Organization Chart