U.S. Phoklandian Embassy

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United States' Phoklandian Embassy

Arizona, United States
Capital cityN/A
- Type - Foreign Embassy of Phokland

Government Website

The U.S. Phoklandian Embassy is an unrecognized diplomatic mission of the Tsardom of Phokland located within the United States of America.

The embassy is made up of one house and serves as the designated home of the Monarch of Phokland, Tsar Charles I and the rest of the royal family. The embassy is used primarily as a way for the government of Phokland to communicate with the U.S. Government as well as the governments of other allied nations. It is also used (on occasion) as a meeting place for phoklandian citizens and is considered the de facto capital of Phokland due to it being the primary home of the Phoklandian Parliament.