Tyrantate of Solid Gold

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The Tyrantate of Solid Gold is a micronation under the rule of Supreme Tyrant and Villain Dr. Drew Nevis, Beloved of Azathoth. The Tyrantate was founded some time after its predecessor, the Empire of Solid Gold, and has claimed two territories. These include New Ph'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg, in Glenisla, Scotland, United Kingdom, and the Gamburtsev Mountain Range in Antarctica. The Tyrantate can be considered an Autocracy. Worryingly, the head of state acts flamboyantly insane, and encourages his subjects to do the same. This could be considered a national ideology.

Tyrantate of Solid Gold

July 2012 — Present

Flag 2.png

"It may happen here"
Illusion shall Reign
Great Britain & Antarctica
Capital cityNew Ph'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg
Largest cityYaanek Threndor
Official language(s)English, Old Scots (official.) Black Speech of Mordor (unofficial.)
Official religion(s)Unggue, Multidimensional Witchcraft
EstablishedJuly 17, 2012
CurrencyOnyx Shillings (OS)
Time zoneUTC
National drinkRockdraught
National animalGiant Ostracod (Gigantocypris agassizii)


The idea for forming a fresh new micronation came to the mind of Dr. Nevis (formerly Emperor Drew I) during an unseasonably rainy day in early July, 2012. It was formed on the concept that while nearly all governments commit evil acts at some point or another (some making quite a habit out of committing said acts), no government will admit to being openly evil. The Tyrantate was formed in opposition to this state of affairs: It was to present itself as a wholly evil government in the fantasy tradition. A few days later, on the 16th of July, Dr. Nevis reasserted his claim to a small island in the River Isla in Glenisla, Scotland. This land, known as F-topia in the days of the Empire, was renamed New Ph'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg, in honour of the old Imperial capital. Later that day, the Doctor claimed the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountain Range in Antarctica (as an individual rather than a sovereign nation, in deference to the Antarctic Treaty). This vast, new (and completely inaccessible) territory was renamed Yaanek Threndor. At 6:30 pm, Greenwich Mean Time, the Tyrantate of Solid Gold was formed, amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Location of New Ph'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg
Location of Yaanek Threndor

History of Yaanek Threndor

The Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountain Range was discovered by the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1958. Named for the the Soviet geophysicist Grigory A. Gamburtsev, the range is approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) long, and the mountains are believed to be about 2,700 metres (8,900 ft) high. Although they are thought to be comparable to the Alps, they are completely covered by several hundred meters of ice and snow and thus inaccessible. They were thought to have been formed around 500 million years ago. Dr. Drew Nevis claimed these buried peaks for his nation due to the fact that they resembled the Mountains of Madness, from horror writer H.P. Lovecraft's book "At The Mountains of Madness".


The government of the Tyrantate is, unsurprisingly, dictatorial. It is headed by the Supreme Tyrant, Beloved of Azathoth, and the two Kings. These three make up the sole governing body of the Tyrantate. The two Kings can be considered almost as powerful, if not as powerful, as the Tyrant. Technically the Tyrantate could be considered an oligarchy in everything but name. True to form, the people of the Tyrantate are oppressed in a reign of terror. (To this the government openly admits, as their intention is, after all, to be an institution of storybook-style evil.)

Government Departments

  • The Supreme Tyrant and Villain-The ruler of the Tyrantate, who resides in the Tower of Negative Photons in New Ph'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg.
  • The Mead-King-In charge of culture, construction and finance. Wears a crown of glass bottles.
  • The Steam-King-In charge of science, technology and the army. Tasked with building superweapons which are scientifically impossible to create. Wears a crown of iron.
  • The Army-Used to defend the government and the country.

The Remaining 97% of the population live in cowed submission.


The culture of the Tyrantate is formed around two rather unsafe ideas. These are that the Tyrantate is a self-admitted evil government, and so must live up to the idea, with all the things which that entails. The other is that, in order to distance itself further from the dictatorships of the past, the Tyrantate must present itself as new type of evil, that is, something out of a fantasy novel as opposed to a history textbook. This has lead to a culture of insanity in the nation.


February 3- Idiocy Day

April 10- WMD Day

May 1- Walpurgis Night

July 21- Government/Fear Day

October 31- All Hallows Eve


The two permitted religions are Unggue (invented by author Terry Pratchett and brought into use for real-world humans by Dr. Nevis), and Multidimensional Witchcraft. This latter religion is the cabalistic worship of more-than-four dimensional shapes and entities, and colours of spectrums not loyal to any sane universe. The gods of this faith are H.P. Lovecraft's "Outer Gods". It is in the name of these gods that the Tyrant is ordained for government.


In keeping with old Imperial tradition, the national sport continues to be Happyball. See the section on "Sport" under "Culture" in the article on the Empire of Solid Gold for more information on this sport.


The national drink is Rockdraught, which consists of Barr's Iron Brew, Mead, whisky and ground-up black pudding. Its taste has been described as "Interesting, but interesting in the way that watching ants eat a caterpillar alive is 'interesting'".


The Tower of Negative Photons, the ice below which lies Yaanek Threndor, the River Isla.