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Trivendor (Excellent Tredsvendrama) is the official national ideology of the United Democratic Republic of Excellent. Trivendor consists of two Excellent words: "Treds" meaning three, and "vendrama" meaning "vendor" or principles. It comprises three principles held to be inseparable and interrelated:

  1. Faith (in Excellent, Ghelkovi).
  2. Nation (in Excellent, Szam).
  3. Equality (in Excellent, Bebiqsze).


In 1928, Alexander Excellent coined this philosophy after a long research in Excellent history. The need to continue resistance against British rule was so massive that it sparked a nation-wide movement. Soon, the leaders of national resistance realised that there was no "glue to stick them in", meaning that there was a need of the same philosophical set of thinking that unites the movement.


Trivendor as Excellent's national ideology has been interpreted and re-interpreted for years. The first interpretation comes from its founder, Alexander Excellent, in his book Creating a New Excellent. Others have tried to re-interpret the national foundation after it.

Trivendor is also instrumental in the creation of Excellent National Party, which was created primarily to guard the national ideology by means of political struggle.