Trevsédit, Columbusstan

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Monroe Washtingon
Capital cityTrevsedit
Official language(s)English, Esperanto and Columbish
Official religion(s)All accepted
Short nameTrevsedit
- MayorChloe M
- Type - Constitutional Monarchy
EstablishedOctober 14th 2016
CurrencyColumbish Dollar
Time zonePST
Queendom of Columbusstan

Libereco, Paco, Privateco
Capital cityTrevsedit
Official language(s)Columbish, Esperanto, and English
Short nameColumbusstan
GovernmentElected Absolute Monarchy
Established10, 14, 2016
Area claimed21,780 Feet
National animalBlack Bear
The High Kingdom of Misberia and Caloudonoum
Untitled722 20191024194320M.png

Peace, Prosperity, Unity
Farewell to Nova Scotia
US States of ME, MA, MI, TX and WA Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, Parts of Essex UK and Penezance Cornwall
Capital cityîles de Betula
Official language(s)English, French, Dutch, German, Cornish, Tasmal and Misberian
Official religion(s)All accepted
Short nameMisberia, Caloudonoum, Columbusstan, Terrexa, Caermont, Zuhan
- CzarArchie Birch
LegislatureRepresentative Council
- Type - Libertarian Monarchy
EstablishedApril 16th 2015
CurrencyMisberian Krone, Calodan Calodone, Terrexa/Columbish/Zuhanese/Caermontian Dollar
Time zoneGMT, AST, EST, CST and PST
National dishClam Chowder
National drinkMoxie Soda
National animalDeer


Robot from FRC Team 7627

The capital city of the Queendom of Columbusstan and the regional government in the Western United States of the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum is located in Monroe, Washington. It is lead by the Queen and founder of the nation Chloe M. The city was established on October 14th 2016 when the nation was founded. The city is known as the Silicon Valley of Misberia and the most technologically advanced city in the nation.



The city used to be called Kalgrin because in a very old version of Columbish Kal ment home and grin ment fun and nice.


The city was renamed to Trevsedit on February 13th 2020 as revitalization of the Columbish colang was reorganized. The naming remains the same as Kalgrin.



Kalgrin Was founded as the first city of Columbusstan. It was once famous for its surrounding forest but it was cut down by Lumberjackers to build houses around Kalgrin by the US. It's also the home of the current monarch.

Modern Era:

The city has recently focused its efforts on robotics and sporting events. The city changed its name to Trevsedit from Kalgrin after the language of Columbish was reorganized. For a small amount of time it was the location of the former queen but recently the queen came back and allowed the city to become the Imperial Capital of Columbusstan once more.



Picture of the City of Trevsedit, Columbusstan

The city of Trevsedit is a city very focused on technology and internet privacy built around Queen Chloe's personal goals and interests. The city is a very Northwestern American town based in Monroe Washington, the city relies a lot of seafood and local produce thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

Social Actives:

The city is known for having major interests in

  • coding,
  • robotics,
  • American Football.


The region of Western Washington has a mix of Californian and Canadian Englishes. The region has its own type of English, appropriately named Pacific Northwest English. The following are some examples of words known to originate in the region,

  • cougar: mountain lion
  • duff: forest litter
  • tolo: Sadie Hawkins dance
  • (high) muckamuck: an important person or person of authority, usually a pompous one (from Chinook Jargon, where it means "eats a lot; much food")
  • potato bug: woodlouse
  • potlatch: a potluck (from Chinook Jargon, where it means "give, a gift")
  • salt chuck: the ocean (from Chinook Jargon, where it means "salt water" or "the ocean"; today used on the radio).
  • spendy: expensive
  • sunbreak: a passage of sunlight in the clouds during dark, rainy weather (typical west of the Cascade Mountains)


One can not enter the region or city without trying famous seafood or Starbucks coffee which has made the region famous. Famous dishes in the region include,

  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Crab Rolls
  • Washington Wine
  • Apple Cider Donuts
  • Mussels
  • Oyster Stew
  • Fresh Apples
  • Fish and Chips
  • Various Berries


The city does not have a strong religious presence but does not have a official religion.


Columbusstan has its own co language Columbish.

Silicon Valley of Misberia

Coding in Columbusstan

The city is the most technologically advanced in the whole Misberian Imperial Nation. The city leads the nation in its technology department. The city's leader (the Monarch) is a member of an FRC (First Robotics Competition) team. This team is numbered 7627 and is named "The Descendants of G.O.R.T.". The city is also the home of the nation's only Github account, Coding computer and other coding and robotic based programs. The city has also been the location of the future OSU! Competition that has been in the works for many months.


Sister Cities:

Trevsedit is currently partaking in the GUM Sister Cities project. the city is apart of Phase 2 of the program with the following cities and nations,

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