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Treelatia officially founded on November 3, 2016 (been around since early 2000's though) has gone through 2 monarchs, 8 wars and is now establishing itself as a identity in the world. The country is covered in forests and hills and has a small amount of farmland in the north and minimal amounts of water.


John created 3 settlements King's Hill being the capital, New Alexandria and then New Hope City. The people crowned him King. 1 year later an anarchist group Domudie started war for the nation causing the First Domudie War which lasted 3 months uniting the settlements into Treelatia. King John then left us leaving his half-sister Sara has queen. Queen Sara started of making a pinecone based money system and creating the consulship has a elected official under Queen Sara. Queen Sara made a very unpopular move of taking out other micro-nations nearby. Then people led by the Consul then revolted against Queen Sara causing the Treelatian Civil War on December 31. General Elijah (her brother) supported Queen Sara until he saw her cruelty to the people so he joined the Rebellion right at the beginning of the major battle called the 1st Battle of King's Hill ending in the Rebellion barely winning. Queen Sara counter-attacked a week later taking control of the rebel capital New Alexandria. After months of fighting the war ended in the Rebels winning at the Battle of New Hope City capturing Queen Sara and forcing her to sign the Treaty of Hope. The Treaty of Hope signed on April 21, 2013 banished Queen Sara and her loyalists from the country. The Consul did not want to to deal with the damage so they made a micro-nation called The Commonwealth of Latia far away. With 99% of the population gone King Elijah started rebuilding himself with disciples for 2 years. The Kingdom of Treeknog then got sudden boost in population and wealth so they bought more than 2 acres of land. On August 31 of 2015 the Kingdom of Treeknog was announced to the world. The Consulship was reestablished and pinecones were switched to Peqs. The Revon war started in October being a series of small revolts in periods of time. The settlements of Nelsonville (now Top-Hill), Ista (now Zion) and Tavris were all founded in the north. The peak of the Revon War happened at the Battle of Nelsonville where Knogian forces sieged out rebels. After that point the Revon War slowly dwindled away. In early January 2017 Treeknog found the Lucardian Dictatorship in far away lands. Lucarda and Treeknog had an uneasy alliance until territorial disputes led to the 1st Lucardian War. The war ended in stalemate on January 25, 2017. Treeknog annexed an ally of Lucardia being Joyonia on April 30, 2017. The 1st Joyonian War was with a Joyonian resistance heavily supported by Lucardia from April 30, 2017 to May 2, 2017 but eventually losing. Latia then joined back into Treeknog founding The United Kingdoms of Treelatia on November 3, 2016 earlier. Treelatia found the Dictatorship of Lizonia in September 2017. The 2nd Joyonian war started when King JoyJoy revolted from Treelatia on November 17, 2017 to January 20, 2018. Joyonia then became apart of Treelatia completely. On January 25, 2018 Treelatia and Lizonia did a joint war on Lucardia starting the 2nd Lucardian War. Treelatia and Lizonia wins and they split Lucardia in half. On February 5, 2018 Treelatia declares war on Lizonia which is a conflict going on to this very day.