Treaty of Concord (2017)

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Treaty of Concord
Front cover of the treaty
Created26 December 2017
Presented27 December 2017
Date effective27 December 2017
LocationBaustralia Concord, HM Dist., Baustralia
Author(s)Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg John I
Wangatangia Jacob Mayjames
Signatories Baustralia
PurposeEnd the Battle of Wangatangia

The Treaty of Concord was a treaty written in December of 2017, after the Battle of Wangatangia. It stated that the war would be finished, recognised that Wangatangia started the war without provocation and that they will become a Dominion of Baustralia. It was signed by Jacob Mayjames, now the Viscount Mayjames, and His Majesty the King. It is one of the two treaties signed in Concord, Baustralia. The text is lost in time.