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Transteleajen Province
Provincia Transteleajen (Romanian)
  Province of Vlasynia  


Map of Transteleajen Province and its Districts
Country Flag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynia
Capital Fort Ova (De Facto)
Demonym Transteleajenian
Established 10 January 2020 (as District, separated from the Chindia Autonomous Province)
30 March 2020 (became Province)
 - Sovereign HGM Despot Ned I
 - Lord Governor HGM Despot Ned I
 - Total 0.24 km2 (0.1 sq mi)
Elevation 205 m (673 ft)
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
 - Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
Time zone Vlasynian Standard Time (VST) (UTC+02:00)

Transteleajen is a Vlasynian Province situated in Prahova County, Romania. It is comprised of 2 Districts and 1 Fort-type settlement, Fort Ova, which is also the Province's de facto Capital. It is entirely surrounded by Romania. Its territory is split in two areas: the District of Teleajen, crossed by the namesake Teleajen river, and the Ova District, a grassland parcel of land just to its south-east. It was first established as a separate District on 10 January 2020, having been separated from the Chindia Autonomous Province. After the administrative-territorial reforms of 30 March 2020, Transteleajen became the present-day Province.


The name "Transteleajen" is composed of the latin term "trans", in this case meaning "across", and "teleajen", which is the name of the river that crosses the Province, the Teleajen river in Prahova County, Romania.