Transportation in Wegmat

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Transportation in Wegmat is managed by the Wegmat Ministry of Transportation in the Federal Union of Wegmat.


Wegmat’s East have paved roads that can be used by motor vehicles. Routes that run through here are not territory of Wegmat. Wegmat Routes run throughout Wegmat besides the Out-Provinces. Western Wegmat has Unpaved roads but are used commonly. Only motor bikes, bicycles and Pedestrians are allowed on these trails. Wegmat has many less maintained Provincial Roads unless it is a freeway.


Wegmat uses wagons pulled by Bicycles that carry cargo or passengers. Some citizens refer to these as a railroad however they are not a railroad. They can carry on routes marked specifically for these. Weg Ways and Union Des Plaines are the Two companies that use these. Union Des Plaines transports cargo while Weg Ways transfers people.


Wegmat’s flag carrier, Weg Air has flights to every airport in Wegmat including 4 International Destination near Out-Provinces. Wegmat’s airports are meant for Weg Air RC Planes. Weg Air flys to Reedsburg for Cenwister, Marquette for New Finland and Midway for Kapreburg using Dupage as a hub for their Cessana that flys to these destinations.


Wegmat has a Railroad track for CN in Hilda.