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Klaise is somewhat advanced compared to other micronations in transportation. Much of the nation owns an ATV or a bicycle. There are two road systems in Klaise, the express route and the normal roads.

Express Roads

Klaise's express roads are gravel roads in which an ATV can safely go around 40 miles an hour on. There are three express routes in the system that mainly serve the southern region of Klaise due to it having the most people residing there. Express routes are numbered by north-south routes obtaining an odd number such as Express 3 in Ausshaffen and east-west routes obtaining an even number such as Express 2 that is a major corridor in the nation.

No spur routes have ever been made for the exception of Express 21 that went to Portland, Tigress but if there ever will be one again, the numbering system for them would be a two-didget route number. Perhaps a spur went around Deltacrux, it would be named Express 21. Another spur is made in Monomew, it would be named Express 22.

Express Routes in Klaise

Main Routes

Express 1 is a north-south route in Klaise that goes through the states of Tigress, Sandyshire and Exeter. It runs from Monomew to Bandit, Exeter. Because Express 3 and Express 5 were downgraded and renamed Trans-Sandy Highway, Express 1 had to be built past Ausshaffen so more traffic can use the route. The route has an additional 3000 feet on it so people who travel on Express 7 in the north can diagonally go to Monomew, which is a 1.2 mile commute, instead of going down Express 7 to Vermontz then going to Monomew, which is more than two miles of a commute.

Express 2 is the most major route in Klaise. The route connects Monomew, Pacsun County, Vermontz and Ocelepolis together. The route has two seperate lanes with a grass median from Monomew to Vermontz to allow trucks and slower vehicles to use the right side of a lane while cars and other faster vehicles can use the other to compensate for the altitude change climbing up from Vermontz to Monomew. The route connects primatily the Monomew metro area to Vermontz for commute but traffic from Trunk Route 12 is used for freight and American traffic since it is directly connected to Express 7. Past Vermontz through Felixshire transitions from a two lane divided route into a narrow one lane road because only three people use the route permanently. The route has a rather curvy route until it goes into Ocelepolis and terminates.

Express 6 is an east-west route in northern Klaise. The route goes through the states of November and Sandyshire. The speed limit isn't limited at all, but people go rather slow due to the narrow nature of the road because it is running parallel to the Clover River. There are rapids directly on the side of the road so there is usually a constant mist or just water on the road around McKinlee Rapids outside of November, November. The road itself acts as a rural route rather than a major road because it is so narrow and has housing located on it. However, a new road is planned to be built on the opposite side of the river so it's more straightened out and widened and it will also go across Clover Dam that holds the Clover Canyon Reservoir.

Express 7 is a north-south route that runs parallel to the D.S. Creek in November, Exeter and Tigress. The route starts at it's southern terminus in Catnip County, Felixshire. This lets there be international transportation from the US and freight trips from the catnip farms to go north. The route then goes around the ghost town of Portland and then continues north into Pacsun County, Tigress. Through the county, the route goes through a semi arid environment and intersects Trunk Route 12, later the route goes into Vermontz County, Tigeress. Express 7 then intersects Express 2, Trunk Route 62 and Trunk Route 25. A mile up the route, the route enters Exeter and goes by the hamlet of Bohan and intersects Trunk Route 66 which provides access to northern Felixshire and Canine County, Exeter. The route then goes north through a rock cut and by-passes the hamlet of Bandit, Exeter. Then the route goes 1000 feet and passes the hamlet of Spot, Exeter. 500 feet further, the route enters November and goes 1500 feet to the city of November and intersects Express 3.

Alternate Express Routes

Alternate Express routess are routes that act as spur routes, by-passes or beltways for cities. They are numbered with two digits with the first number being the parent route number and the second number being the route's placement in chronological order.

Express 11 is a route that acts as a quadrant beltway for Ausshaffen. The route starts at Express 3 just before it reaches the fork into Express 5. Express 11 then crosses over Express 1 via a wooden bridge and a small two lane route connects the two routes together. Then, the route by-passes Downtown Ausshaffen and goes between a residential area and a commercial area. Then, the route goes through a rural area until it reaches Express 4 to the north. It acts as a main artery for people from Ausshaffen trying to get to Monomew or a person from the southern areas using this route to get to the farms in the north.

Express 21 is a route that serves as an alternative route for Monomew. Because Express 2 serves as more of a loop for the Binx borough of Monomew, Express 21 starts at the edge of the Portland Desert and travels north into the Zourough borough, in Zorough, Express 1 meets Express 21 as a four way stop. Then, the express route continues. At the Zourough/Georgia border in Monomew, the route then elevates a bit then becomes an elevated route 20 feet above the Georgia streets. This route is known as the Georgia Skyway and has 10 degree grade ramps to serve every block in Georgia. This skyway is meant for local travel and the transportation cabinet has thought on making the route a four lane route because of the congestion on the route and for people merging onto the skyway. A safe speed on the skyway is 25 miles an hour because it's an urban area, it's elevated and only two feet high guardrails are present.

Express 22 is a planned route that will connect the Georgia borough to the Binx borough in Monomew. The plans will envolve eiter a trumpet interchange or a three way stop on the Georgia Skyway and a wooden truss bridge will traverse the route to ground level in the Binx. The route will be planned to have a diamond interchange with Binx Boulevard and will then come to a stop at Express 2 as a three way stop.

Express 51 is a planned route that will by-pass November Island, the November Reservoir and McCow. The route's purpouse would to by-pass congested commercial and residential areas on November Island and to by-pass Pyramid Island, a severely congested area and this route would give a more better access to McCow, Felixshire, an upcoming hamlet in Felixshire.

Other Roads

There are other routes in the nation. Much of these routes are either gravel roads or ATV trails in the forest. Felixshire Parkway in Vermontz, Felixshire is a trail to Ocelepolis. Also, some streets in Monomew and Ausshaffen are dirt roads.