Torishiman yen

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Torishiman Yen

Banknotes and coin
Official users
Pegged to Yen
Symbol 円 (official)
Code TSY
Nickname Okane
Plural The language(s) of this currency does not have a morphological plural distinction.
Sub-unit None
Coins Same as Japanese Yen
Banknotes 円 1000, 円 5000, 円 10000
Central bank None
Printer Vredesstad, St.John
Mint Japan Mint

The Torishiman Yen (Japanese: 鳥島円, symbol: 円; code: TSY) is the official currency of Torishima. It is inspired from Japanese Yen. After the disestablishment of Torishima, Torishiman Yen went fell to disuse.


The first series of the Yen banknotes was issued in January 2015. It introduced notes in denominations of 1000, 5000 and 10000 Yen. The name "Geisha series" was given because all of the banknotes features pictures of Geisha.

First Geisha Series (January 2015 - 15 April 2015)

Nominal Picture Amounts printed
円 1000 Geisha dancing 0
円 5000 Geisha from Ryō banknote 0
円 10000 Tokyo geisha with shamisen 0

First Geisha Series (15 April 2015 - present)

Nominal Picture Amounts printed
円 1000 Tokyo geisha with shamisen 0
円 5000 Geisha 0
円 10000 Geisha 0