Tony of Garretsburg

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His Grace
Tony surveying land during the "First Raphistani Expedition" in November of 2021
1st Marshal of the Raphistani government
in office
1 October 2021 - 12 April 2022
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Office dissolved
1st Councilor for War
in office
1 October 2021 - 14 November 2022
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Charles I
1st Prime Minister of Raphania
in office
12 April 2022 - 14 November 2022
Predecessor Office established
Successor M. Ibrahim
Personal information
Born 1999
Citizenship Raphania, United States
Nationality American, Raphanian
Military service
Allegiance  Grand Emirate of Raphania
Service/branch Raphanian Corps of Discovery
In service 2021 (Graustark-Dawsbergen)
2021 - 2022 (Raphistan)
2022 - current (Raphania)
Rank Corporal (Graustark-Dawsbergen)
Marshal (Raphistan)
Commanding General (Raphania)
Commands Raphistan Security Force (2021 - 2022)
Raphanian Corps of Discovery (2022 - current)

General Tony of Garretsburg, 1st Bey of Garretsburg, (b. 1999) known also as Tony the Great or just Tony is a Raphanian politician and military leader who served as as the first Prime Minister and Councilor for War of the Grand Emirate of Raphania from October 2021 until November 14, 2022. A founding member of the state, Tony joined the Desert Realm of Raphistan shortly after its creation and during his time with the realm, helped in the drafting of the nation's decleration of independence and original constitution as well as helping to lead the first expedition into the Raphistani Frontier in November, 2021. Due to his closeness with the monarch of Raphania, Tony maintained his titles and powers following the Raphanian Revolution and was appointed as the nation's first Prime Minister after Grand Emir Charles seized power on April 12, 2022. In November 2022, due to the losses sustained by Raphania during the Raphania-Westarctica War, Prime Minister Tony was relieved of all government offices but was allowed to retain his commission in the military under the Grand Emir.

Micronational career

Tony began his micronational career in mid-2020 when he joined his friend Charles Ross in the Commonwealth of Dracul. Despite being a citizen, Tony was largely inactive within the community and as such had his Draculian citizenship revoked during a purge of inactive members later that year.

Following his exile from Dracul, Tony would remain largely inactive within micronationalism, say for a brief appearance as a member of the Royal Army of Graustark-Dawsbergen during the Dracul-Graustarkian Affair. Following the conclusion of the affair however, he would once again fade into the shadows.

This all changed in October 2021 when he again joined his friend Charles, this time helping to construct a new micronation; the Desert Realm of Raphistan. Dedicating a large portion of his time to the new project, Tony would be awarded for his efforts and invited to serve as the new nation's first head of government. He was soon after also appointed to serve as head of the realm's security forces and was tasked with the structuring and formation of said entity. To assist in these efforts, Tony was granted the rank of Marshal within the Raphistani military.

Following the Raphanian revolution of April 2022, Tony would lose his position as Marshal of the RSF and instead become Prime Minister of the newly reformed Raphistan (now referred to as Raphania) and become Commander of the Raphanian Royal Corps of Discovery (the successor to the Raphistan Security Force and Secret Police).

Due to his successes within then-Raphistan, Shah Alexander I (then Shah of Raphistan) awarded Tony with the Order of the Pebble and following the annexation of his home into Raphistan, the hereditary title "Bey of Garretsburg" which he was subsequently allowed to keep following the revolution of 2022.

In October 2022, Tony was tasked with drafting war-plans for Raphania's planned invasion of the Westarctican colony of Calsahara. However, before these plans could come to fruition, Westarctica counter-attacked and invaded the Raphanian Frontier on November 10, 2022. In response to the failure of RRCD forces to hold back the invaders, Grand Emir Charles removed him from all government posts and assumed military command personally.

Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

  • 2021 – 2022: His Excellency, Marshal of Government
  • 2021 – present: His Grace, Bey of Garretsburg
  • 2022 – 2022: His Excellency, Prime Minister of Raphania


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