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The nation of Tohl'lasia is a Micronation with a rich history[citation needed]. Starting as the First Zechistan Empire, led by Emperor Alexander, It grew to it's height after invading three nearby nations. After these nations declared independence, the broken nation split into three parts, Pacifica and Atlanta. It continued to break until there were three major parties as well as the Monarchists. The Fascists, led by an unknown leader, The Democratic Party, led by Minerva, and the Communist Party, led by Crowly. While the Emperor was absent, Crowly led the people in a communist coup, creating many minor states within the country. He reigned for over a year before new elections where the Democrats became elected. Corruption was heavy and the Monarchists rallied the Zechistan Purists and Fascists to their side, destroying Honorable Emperor Crowly's party, which went under ground. New nations from the previously conquered territories, such as Rego and Obarrena, met in the one and only conference of Zechistan. New colonization by Zechistan paved the way for Rego to rise a begin unjust wars against the Zechistan State, which allied itself with Obarrena for protection. New spiritual enlightenment paved the way for the NLSO to take power and rename the nation to its current name, Tohl'lasia, only 3 years after the nations creation. Now the country reaches for new boundaries and the SAP program which plans to make it a space power. A new congress, the FUN council joined on July 5, 2018 to protect the three nations from outside threats and war.