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Weldon Spring, MO, USA
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Protestant
Short nameTodzou
Established2 August 2013
Area claimed77.3 Acres
Time zoneCDT

Todzou's history

Todzou, Domolica's most revolutionized territory, yet it used to be the most quiet of them all. Todzou was founded on August 2, 2013 and added 2 people to Domolica's population. It was Domolica's second territory, and was the largest one at the time. In the beginning, Todzou bordered Kinderia on it's Southern border, It's western border is shaped by Crooked Creek, its Southern border is along I-94, while it's Eastern Border is shaped by a fence line with New Fithnia. Todzou made it's first expansion on June 21, 2014 when it purchased a small wooded area from Kinderia. This exclave was soon annexed into New Fithnia on September 5, 2016. The micro nations New Fithnia, Kinderia, Namartis, and Domolica formed a union called "The Union of Quad Republics". The Union of Quad Republics, or U.Q.R. lasted from May 23 to October 15, when Socialism was on the rise. One of the Prime Ministers Max Bradlo offered the leader of New Fithnia, Dylan Patterson, full protection from Kinderia if they decided to attack, he signed off on it. Next Max Bradlo offered the same deal to the leader of Namartis, Kaiden Tosto, he too signed off on it. Domolica had annexed Namartis and New Fithnia into nation-states of Domolica. No sooner than a week was there a rebellion, almost cutting Todzou in half with their new sovereignty. The Council of Domolican Brethren, or the C.D.B. decided to put matters into their own hands, when the Domolican Revolutionary Forces came in, Kinderia defended. The micro nations Castlio, Havershami, Weldonia, and Warrenia joined the battle against Domolica. Prime Minister Max Bradlo and Logan Mathews sent a letter to the leaders of Fithnia and Mohicani, informing them about this new war. After seeing this they joined the fight. It was now called "The The Great Socialist War". This war lasted 68 days, from October 16, 2017, to December 24, 2017. The war ended with Domolica and the rest of the capitalist forces surrendering. The Capitalist Surrender had a big impact on the nations that faught against Socialist nations. EVen after the war ended, there were still some rough tensions between Domolica and Kinderia. The Treaty of Todzou was created, stating that all land taken/annexed from other nations shall return to their original territorial bounderies. Any land not claimed by a micronation before the war, during the war, shall be kept. This died down the fire of hatred between the two nations, but didn't solve it.