Timeline of Hestian history

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This page is dedicated to all historical and other important events linked to and/or occured in the Republic of Heist-op-den-Berg.


Historical timeline of Heist-op-den-Berg.
  • 13/06: General elections in Belgium which formed the base of the further development of the third separation.
  • 15/07: Inspired by a visit to the Principality of Monaco on July 15, the Grand Duchy of Wiekevorst is established. Little specific is known about this micronation except that it has existed. It was a city state of 11.59 km² (4.47 sq mi) obviously led by a grand duke. It is not unlikely that this Grand Duchy ceased to exist before the Transition Period started. Further research on this period is ongoing to clear this out.
  • 01/10: Oldest dated document with proof of separatism related to the Republic of Heist-op-den-Berg, start of the Transition Period. The current consensus is that during this period, the Grand Duchy evolved into a Republic, five other villages were incorporated into the country whilst the capital was moved from Wiekevorst to the city of Heist-op-den-Berg.
  • 26/12: A Wikipedia list with a striking modification is rediscovered. The list, which contains names of places in Greater Heist, can be interpreted as a primitive version of the current administrative division of the country. Since Wikipedia represents the part of the world not recognizing the tiny Republic, a modification from late 2015 removed two places from the list that were never part of the Belgian municipality. However, one of these places was immediately annexed at the time of independence. This showes that annexations and thus separation was already on the level of the Republic and not only on the level of the Grand-Duchy. The transition period is therefore much shorter than the previous consensus up to now (26/11/2011).


  • 26/11: Oldest surviving map of (a part of) the country.
  • 11/12: Official invitation to the people of Gestel to become part of the republic. Also on this day, Atelaw Bekele became the first Hestian ever to win the EU Cross Country Championships.
  • 21/12: Sint-Gummarus-Wiekevorst becomes the first and so far only exclave of Heist-op-den-Berg. It is the 122nd ward.
  • 23/12: Special meeting about joining the Eurozone as an independent country.


  • 14/01: Marathonmeeting about the annexation of ward Dekbunders and Belgian borough of Gestel.
  • 29/01: Eurozone membership as an independent country rejected. A monetery agreement with Belgium is allowed.
  • 26/02: Referendum about the annexation of Gestel.
  • 04/03: Referendum about the annexation of Dekbunders.
  • 01/05: Dekbunders becomes the 123th ward of the Hestian Republic.
  • 01/07: Gestel becomes the seventh municipality of the Republic. It also is the 124th ward in the country, to date the highest amount of wards Heist-op-den-Berg has had in its brief history.
  • 01/07: Introduction of Hestian eurocoins.
  • 12/07: A man with psychological problems climbs up the radio tower at the Heist-Belgian border. The local fire brigade succeeds to bring him back to ground level after four hours, after which he is locked up.[1]
  • 15/07: First elections and inauguration of the new Council building.


  • 01/07: Large restructuration of the wards of the whole Republic. Wiekevorst and Schriek are the municipalities with the most dramatic reorganization. Pandoerenhoek is divided into two new wards, but also other wards are taken apart and reassembled into new ones. Kruisstraat and Itegemseweg also became one new ward: Schrieken. People of Kruisstraat are not content with this fusion. Some agricultural plots from Wimpelse Heyden were transferred to Hannekeshoek, almost doubling the latter in size. The number of wards is reduced by six, bringing it to a total of 118.


  • 23/04: Kruisstraat, a street and former ward, and Klein-Scherpenheuvel fuse. Schrieken keeps its name, despite consisting of the only remaining old ward within its territory: Itegemseweg.
  • 01/11: the old ward of Heist-Station is subdivided into two new wards, Bergveld and Streepen, to avoid confusion with the borough of the same name.


  • 06/07: Heist-op-den-Berg’s IC 2 is part of the first stage in the Tour de France[2]


  • 17/05: Heist-op-den-Berg agrees to give back the Northern Nete shore at Herenthout to Belgium. The territory comprises a little more than thirteen hectares. Wards Hullebrug and Ter Streien are slightly reduced in size.
  • 01/07: Two new wards join the Republic at its southwestern borders in Schriek. The enlargement is part of a minor agreement also including the 13 hectares mentioned on May 17 of this year. Territorial claims from the past, attached to Roggevelden and Gasperslanden are fused with a small new land claim to form Uilevelden and Bremenbos.
  • 31/07: A terrible car crash on the IC 43 claims three lives, another two got severely injured. It is the deadliest accident on the IC-road network to date.[3]
  • 03/08: Large and toxic fire in Westmeerbeek. 67 wards are advised to close all windows and doors because of the toxic smoke. People are also asked to stay inside.[4]
  • 05/08: Heist-op-den-Berg will attend the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio the Janeiro. It is the first time for the Republic to attend this global event. One Hestian will compete in dressage, in a mutual collaboration with Belgium. She will eventually end 35th out of 60 athletes and is not qualified to compete in the next round.[5]
  • 25/08: Second major fire disaster in an equal amount of weeks. This time, an indoor swimming pool is reduced to ashes. Sunny Heist-op-den-Berg is covered in a dark plume of smoke seen in the whole Republic and beyond. One disabled woman needs to be rescued out of the building.[6]
  • 01/11: For some weeks, all signposts in Itegem pointing to the City of Heist-op-den-Berg are taped. Strangely enough, it's only "op-den-Berg" that is made unidentifiable. The motive for this act of vandalism is currently unknown.[7]
  • 20/12: at least one of two sheep of the nativity scene in Itegem is murdered by two 12 year olds. A witness saw both boys using a satchel to beat the sheep on the head. The other sheep died a week prior to the event on the same spot, but there's no proof for an equal cause of death. The horrible crime is followed by a lot of indignant reactions, both national and international. Cameras are now placed around the nativity scene to protect the new sheep.[8]


  • 05/01: The headquarters of Casa NV[9] an enterprise of 3 hectares located in the village centre of Itegem move to a new facility in Olen. Not only the loss of the company itself is detrimental for the Hestian economy, also 50 people lose their job.
  • 09/02: After a 20 year old girl from Heist-Station went missing for a couple of days, Belgian police finds out she is mudered in the city of Antwerp where she went to exchange Pokémon cards with a guy she met online. The guy is arrested on suspicion of the murder.
  • 03/04: During road works around the church of Itegem, workers find a lot of human remains. It turns out these are the people that have been buried on the old cemetery of Itegem, which existed on this place untill 1911. All bones will be collected and reburied on the current cemetery.
  • 10/09: after a restauration period of one year, the Swanepomp of Arthur Vereecke in the city centre of the capital is presented to the public.


  • 08/04: Michael Goolaerts, a professional cyclist from Hallaar, dies from a cardiac arrest during Paris-Roubaix.
  • 14/10: The second official elections since independence and turned out to be completely different then expected. The leading coalition lost their majority in the House of Voght. The green party 'Milieupartij', populistic party 'Eenheid!' and local party 'eta+' can be considered as the true winners, although they remain small.
  • 18/12: a new coalition is finally formed after 65 days. The coalition consists of no fewer than five parties.


  • 01/01: Some administrative simplifications took place:
  • The hamlet of Kwadenplas is incorporated in the village of Booischot
  • The hamlet of Pandoerenhoek is incorporated in the village of Schriek
  • Sint-Gummarus-Wiekevorst and the ward Hannekenshoek are incorporated in the hamlet of Wimpel


  • March/april: also Heist-op-den-Berg is struck by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as of 4/4, 68 inhabitants tested positive. This is 1 confirmed case per 646 inhabitants.