Ticronvidian Protectorate of Aboudia

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Protected Grand Principality of Aboudia
—  Protectorate  —


Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Aboudia
Motto: "For Aboudia and For Ticronvidia!"
Protectorate New Ticronvidia Flag.jpeg Ticronvidia
Established June 28, 2019
 - Grand Prince Hosamulas
 - Total 3



When the Protectorates of Hosamia and Babikiria were in a personal union, Hosamulas kicked most of the Babikirian population and asked the King permission for him to unify Hosamia and Babikiria to form Aboudia.


On July 6, 2019, Babikir wanted to quit micronationalism for a bit by requesting Hosamulas to destroy the Babikirian crown, leave Aboudia, and all Babikirians assimilate to the non-micronational cultures, by ending the Babikirian crown this means Aboudia cannot exist as it needs both Hosamia and Babikiria to come together.


the state religion of Aboudia is Hosamism which is now considered a variant of the roman religion which is a variant of Hellenism, so Hosamism is a variant of a variant of Hellenism, though only %33 of the population believes in it, the only other religion is islam at %66.


For a long time, the house where Hosamulas lives have been divided into 2 villas, the Imperial Throne and Capitalcoco, but now they have merged to become the Villa of Kinhosbabi