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Ticit English is a dialect of English formerly to be spoken primarily in and around Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland. It is based on British English, with American influence. It was outlawed in the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS

Ticit English

Spoken inTimonocite Empire


  • Germanic
    • West Germanic
      • Anglo-Frisian
        • Anglic
          • English
            • Ticit English

In October 2020, the word for mother was changed from American mom to British mum.

Even in Timonoucitiland and by Emperor Eshaan I, the dialect failed to catch on, and it was already phased out by government material by late 2021.

Most Notable Differences

  • Instead of using American center, British centre is used. It is pronounced sen-tray.
  • It is so connected to British English that the word majour is used instead of major.
  • The word "programme" is pronounced "pro-grah-mee".
  • Beside the exception above, silent "magic" e is not allowed, like home stays home but is pronounced 'homee'.
  • Fjords are fyords, like in New Zealand English
  • -tion is replaced with -shun in many words.
  • For words ending with -tem, it is changed to -temme, as "system" becomes "systemme", pronounced "sis-tem-may".
  • The -y at the end of many words is replaced with a -i.
  • The long a sound as in state is replaced with an ai, similar to stait or waik.


w:United KingdomBritish English w:United StatesAmerican English TimonoucitilandTicit English
centre center centre
major majour
citizen citiquexen
programme program programme
fjord fyord
micronation micronashun
system systemme
republic respublic

Different words

w:United KingdomBritish English w:United StatesAmerican English TimonoucitilandTicit English
chips french fries potato fries
mobile phone phone
pavement sidewalk walkway
republic republic respublic
nation nation nashun
metropolis city citi

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