Tianan Revolution

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Tianan Revolution
DateNovember 11th- November 16th, 2010
Status Over

Wtiana.jpg Tianan Rebels*
Flanders.jpg Flanderinian Rebels*

Montauk.jpg Atlantican Rebels*

Tiana2.jpg Constitutional Kingdom of Tiana
Flanders2.jpg Grand Republic of Flanders

Atlantica2.jpg Aristocracy of Atlantica
Commanders and leaders

Wtiana.jpg Joseph Puglisi
Wtiana.jpg Daniel Lector

Flanders.jpg Peter Martin

Tiana2.jpg King Scott I
Flanders2.jpg President Tara Benita**

Atlantica2.jpg Lord Wayne I
10 Unknown

*All 3 rebellious groups would come together to form the FTSR

**President Tara came to support the revolution and eventually defected to the FTSR. She now is a government official.

The Tianan Revolution was the large scale revolution in Tiana, Flanders, and Atlantica, where all 3 nations would come together to form the FTSR.