Republic of Little Etobicoke

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'Little Etobicoke'
Vectorpaint (3).svg
Coat of Arms

Allahu Ekber
(God is great)
"No anthem
CapitalMilage House
DemonymLittle Etobican
LanguagesEnglish, Longbranch, Arabic
Official religionIslam


LegislatureGarbage Disposal Commitee

Established2 April 2018

The Republic of Little Etobicoke is a small republic controlled by the Republic of the 43rd as a puppet state to "aid" them in international affairs. They have no standing army, and their government is not only meant for the governance of their territory. The government of the republic of the 43rd ecognizes them as an ally. Although no dispute has been recognized, all to most of their territory is also claimed by the republic of the 43rd.