Republic of Cape Caterpillar

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Republic of Cape Caterpillar

Capital cityHallingston
Largest cityLinden
Official religion(s)Christianity, Secular
GovernmentRoyal presidential republic
- PresidentKolton Hall
Established2017 December 6
Time zoneEST
National sportMuggle quidditch
National drinkKvass
National animalFerret

The Republic of Cape Caterpillar, commonly known as cape caterpillar is a micronation in the Appalachian mountains created by Kolton hall on 6 December 2017.


President Kolton hall was and still is a fan of history and geography and dreamt of visiting other countries but he was unable to afford a trip. One day while online hall found out about micronations and decided to create his own. He mapped some nearby land and used an old flag he had created, after Cape Caterpillar was shared online, the country received an invite to join the IMTO, cape caterpillar prospered until a war had divided the IMTO and caused it to shutdown. Cape Caterpillar then focused on just it self unti more communities were found. Tesla had always been an ally of cape caterpillar and soon Cape Caterpillar was temporarily owned Tesla. Soon cape caterpillar merged with cascadia and for a few months was cascadian territory until cape caterpillar decided to become independent leaving us to now cape caterpillar continues to prosper as a nation.


The flag of cape caterpillar was created by Hall at first as a joke flag for a fictional country that is in the borders of every country but Hall instead liked the flag so much he redrew it and the flag was created, and eventually a volunteer from green hills created a digital flag.

The meaning of the flag is by the separated colors

  • Red= Jesus Christ's blood
  • Yellow= Sun
  • Blue= Water
  • Green = Land