The free state of Halaib Sudan

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Free State of Halaib Sudan/دولة حليب السودان الحرة/Dawlat halib alsuwdan alhura

We fight for the halaib we fight for El-Tegani we will give Egypt no rest
Saddam Hussein Dabbke
Halaib triangle, Egypt/Sudan
Capital cityNew Khartoum
Largest cityNew Omdurman
Official language(s)Arabic (Sudanese dialect) and English (British dialect)
Official religion(s)Islam (small atheist minority)
Short nameHalaib
GovernmentHalaib Arab Nationalist party
CurrencySudanese pound
Time zoneCentral African time (GMT+2)
National sportFootball
National animalsecretary bird

On 27 March 2019 the Afrax Colonial Empire collapsed due to struggles with other nations (such as the Kingdom of Tarvit and the Union of Stella Primum) due to the majority of Afrax leadership originating from the Republic of Sudan they decided to peruse a goal much bigger than Afrax. The Free state of Halaib Sudan was created to put the Halaib triangle back in to the hands of the Sudanese people after Egypt Illegally occupied it in the year 2000 but to also secure it as an independent nation. The leadership of the Halaib Sudan free state was put in the hands of Mustafa El-Tegani due to Thomas El-Tegani being a controversial and discredited figure within the micronational community. However, Thomas has been appointed vice president of Halaib and General of the S.H.A (Sudanese Halaib army). The free state of Halaib Sudan owns a compound in Khartoum (Republic of Sudan) which is the residence of the El-Tegani family and some other citizens, A large farm on the outskirts of Khartoum and a small sugar plantation located near the El-Tegani compound in Khartoum 3 as well as the Hala'Ib triangle.


The ruling party the Halaib Arab Nationalist Party (HANP) follows a similar ideology of that to the Ba'ath party in terms of Arab unity and Nationalism how ever does not agree with the socialist economics of Baathist nations. The other political parties consist of the National congress party-Halaib (Islamist) who support the current Sudanese government led by Marshall Omar Hassan Al Bashir and the HSCP (Halaib Sudanese communist party) who support Marxist Leninism.

Foreign affairs

Nations that the Halaib Sudanese free state does recognise

Nations that the Halaib Sudanese free state does NOT recognise


The Tribal uprising

A group of native African Negro tribes (eg Nubian tribe) CLAIMED that they where being oppressed by the Arab government so they began rioting and immediately started beating random arabic children on the street according to reliable sources such as the Halaib government.Some children as young as 12 where raped by the rampaging animals. The government warned the disgusting barbarians but as they began shooting at random S.H.A members who where just doing their job at keeping the disgusting apes at bay the government had no option but to deploy the much feared Victory brigade led personally by Thomas El-Tegani which swiftly put the tribal apes back in their cage. They also successfully arrested 3 of the organisers of the riots. However some false claims have arisen that the S.H.A and the V.B (Victory brigade) where the ones who opened fire first and the only people raped where tribal women who where just protesting for equal rights however the claims have been synthesised by the rioter themselves.