Benish Empire

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The Benish Empire

"latlh nagh qo' waq"
IO, Makemake, Elara, Northwestern Svalbard, Antartica
Capital cityBen's Room, Ben's Room
Largest cityBen's Room, Ben's Room(pop 1)
Official language(s)Klingon, English
Official religion(s)pastafarianism, none
GovernmentComplete Monarcy
Area claimed48,833,201 km
Population6 humans
CurrencyBenolian, bitcoin
National sporttetris
National animalCow

Government website

The The Benish Empire is a interplanetary micronation. It currently claims Io, Elara, Makemake, North Western Svalbard, and Antarctica.


The Benish Empire's name was named after the founder and king Ben.


The Benish Empire was created recently by King Ben.  


The Benish Empire is currently in a war with titan. Military officials say the war will be over by stardate 91092.64.


The Benish Empire is home to Glomco, the leading manufacturer of widgets.


The Benish Empire is one of the only countries where the majority of the population speaks klingon. Our sports consists of tetris and pyramid.