The Wewelsburg Order

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The Wewelsburg Order is a Micronation that was founded on April 24th 2020. Its led by Grand Leader Oskar Memewranger. The Order's territory consists of the Rhineland and the Castle of Wewelsburg. The Wewelsburg Order is a National Socialist State, the Nation was founded by Oskar memewranger and it mainly operates on a Discord server.

Government and Political Ideals

The Wewelsburg Order is National Socialist, National Socialism believes in putting ones racial community and country first before themselves and seeking to further their people and ensure their survival and prosperity. National Socialism is based on nature. The belief that Man is a part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate from it, The belief that society should be structured in accordance with the laws of Nature. National Socialism believes that all men are NOT created equal, Just as every individual has his own personal strengths and weaknesses, so each race certain qualities that make it different from other races. there is a considerable difference in the socialism of Hitler and that of Marxist doctrine, Hitler saw nationalism as a patriotic motive to place the good of one's country before personal ambition. A common symbol used for National Socialism is the Swastika. The Swastika represents the sun, the giver of all life. The Wewelsburg Order is Strongly Anti-Communist and Anti-Capitalist. it is also strongly against the LGBT Community and Zionism.

Its Political and Governmental Structure is quite simple. At the top is the Grand Leader, who has final say over what happens in the Nation and can appoint and remove people from positions. Then there is the Chancellor, they are the Grand Leader's second in command and help manage the nation. Then there is the Minister of diplomacy and Minister of Propaganda, the Propaganda Minister manages the distribution of Posters and other material to be published within the Nation, they can accept or reject certain material, but the Grand Leader can have a say in this as well. the Minister of Diplomacy seeks to establish diplomatic contact with other Nations and will be the Messenger between Nations if the leaders are unable to meet or do not wish to talk to one another directly.


The Wewelsburg Order has an interesting and quite large Military System. There are two Military Branches. The First Military Branch is the Wehrmacht, they are the Main Military force and are called upon to attack enemy nations or to defend the Fatherland. they have a Basic Hierarchy in regards to Power. At the top is the Minister of Defense, they oversee the Wehrmacht's operations and the Abwehr (more on them later) After that is the title of Field Marshal, Field Marshal's Command a small group of generals and discuss with the Minister of Defense, Chancellor and Grand Leader on what military plans to go through with and other important things, Generals lead a Large group of Soldiers, led by an Officer.

An Officer is assigned to a battalion to help lead them on the frontline and to help keep communication with the High command, Next you have Soldiers, they are your standard unit that is sent in to attack the enemy. The final rank is a Recruit, Recruits are normally tested and given tasks to complete in order to prove themselves.

The Second Branch is the Waffen-SS, The Waffen-SS are made of either Foreign Volunteers or men who have proven themselves and are considered as Elite. the Waffen-SS are mainly used for operations that require more than just the Wehrmacht to be involved in, The Waffen-SS tend to be sent in during a second wave, to help add pressure, or they join in the first assault with the Wehrmacht forces. The Structure of the Waffen-SS is similar to the Wehrmacht, however they don't have a Recruit Rank or a Field Marshal Rank. The Waffen-SS is ran by The Reichsführer-SS. They work with the Minister of Defense, Chancellor and Grand Leader to help plan and prepare operations. The Reichsführer-SS also commands an SS General who commands a Battalion of men, the same structure from the Wehrmacht in regards to officers and Soldiers, carries over to the Waffen-SS.


Like the Military, there are two Security Branches, the Abwehr and the Gestapo. The Minister of Security Manages Both of these Agencies, however the Gestapo is co-ran by the Reichsführer-SS. The Abwehr are used as a Spy Agency, with operatives being sent into enemy Nations to conduct sabotage or to infiltrate the enemy. their intelligence is mainly given to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS to help prepare for operations and battle plans.

The Gestapo on the other hand is used for Internal Security, they investigate Citizens and Diplomats to find out if they are possibly aiding enemy nations or trying to undermine the Order. Their findings can sometimes assist the Military at times.

The Revival Era

As of May 18th 2020, the Order has begun a revival period, seeking to begin gaining new members and meeting other Nations, whilst also sticking to its core ideals that teaching people about national socialism and the worldview is important.

The Wewelsburg - Cycoldia War

on the 5/19th/2020, Oskar memewranger announced a state of war between the two nations, Oskar Memewranger on his old Discord account had been known as "Ya Boi Pinochet" and had once destroyed the Altearn Federations discord server, after doing some digging he was now prepared to find and destroy another enemy.

on the 21st, Oskar was IP banned on discord, although this didn't do anything as he simply bypassed it.

The war has died down to a point where its essentially ended, neither side really won, as neither side gave much of a shit, Wewelsburg just annoyed Cycoldia for fun.