The Virtual Dreamscape

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The Virtual Dreamscape
Virtual Dreamscape Flag.png
Coat of Arms

All moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Troubles of Mind
Capital citySector 1 of the Virtual Dreamscape
Largest cityno
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Nihilism
Short nameThe Dreamscape
- Nihilist Leader"The Architect"
LegislatureThe Flawed House
- Number of seats - 1 seat
Established07th July 2019
Area claimedThe Entirety of the Quantum Dreamspace
CurrencyVapour Cube (☐)
GDP (nominal)2019 projection
Time zoneUTC +15
National sportDiaphragmatic Breathing
National drinkWater
National animalHuman

The Virtual Dreamscape, informally known as the dreamscape, is a micronation based on the concept of Nihilism. It governs a virtual land based on the knowledge that knowledge itself is exclusive of any true confirmation, called the Virtual Dreamscape. The Dreamscape is technically a Dicatorship with power held both by only the the Nihilist Supreme. Despite not existing in the real world, the Virtual Dreamscape exists purely within the collective impression of what it is, this allows it to manifest its own individual identity into anyone who witnesses it. It has 3 citizens.


The Virtual Dreamscape was founded on July the 7th of 2019 after the Nihilist Supreme, known solely as The Architect, created The Virtual Dreamscape "from nothingness, as was the universe". It was based on the idea that it is not necessary for something to have it's own physical manifestation in reality, as long as it's seen as real it is no more real than anything else in the universe. On June 30th 2019, two citizens, Finn and Harry, were accepted into the virtual dreamscape under decree of The Architect.


The Virtual Dreamscape works on the basis of the truest possible form of neutrality; not existing. This means that it is not possible for it to be attacked nor attack, therefore rendering any form of military useless.


The Virtual Dreamscape's political system is based on a single party, named the "sad party" in full control over the state, despite this, a new party is voted for once every transit of venus. On the first election of July 20th 2019, the "sad party" won with 100% of votes.


The Virtual Dreamscape's National Sport is Diaphragmatic Breathing, it was introduced on June 8 to reduce deaths caused by non-breathing related illness. After the promotion of the sport, deaths from Asphyxia have reduced to an average of 0 per year.

Space Program

The Virtual Dreamscape's Official Space program was established on June the 7th, 2019 along with the party. It's main goal is to comprehend the sheer scale of this universe and therefore the meaningless of ourselves.

Micronational Relations

The Virtual Dreamscape is not an extension of any other micronation and is completely independent.