The Virgan Republic

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The Virgan Republic

Ab arte magis, quam vi adhibita
Capital cityVirga City
Largest cityVirga City
Official language(s)English, Virganese
Official religion(s)Agnostic
GovernmentAbsolute Dictatorship
Magnate Grant Magic
LegislatureDuke Mitch of Acadia
Established15th July 2018
CurrencyVirgan Vand
Time zoneBST 0
National sportFootball
National animalRed deer
Patron saintSaint Stephen

The Virgan Republic

Founded on the 15th of July 2018 the Virgan Republics capital is within the country of Scotland, where the Magnate of the nation also lives it is a micronation that currently claims land on 2 continents with land mass in the following order;

  • Europe
  • North America

Land Claims

Europe This continent is where the most regional states are located as well as the nations Capital and only city (Virga City) the following states are the those located in Europe;

  • Grantoria
  • Pow E
  • Bam
  • Isidoria

More specifically all these states are located within the United Kingdom

North America We claim 2 regional states on this continent they are as follows;

  • Lethington
  • Accadia


Founded on the 15th of July 2018, the Republic was created by Grant Magic, and long time friends ex-treasurer Paul MacFie and ex-legislator Oscar, being Grants idea it was decided that he would lead the Virgan Republic to a better future installing himself as the dictator a title that laster changed to Magnate.

During the Republics early life Grant made lasting friendships with many leaders and nations in the community via twitter @VirganRepublic, wary of his surroundings he quickly befriended the leader of Tsenkyo (now Braunland) Ethan Brown, their friendship has lasted to this day working on many projects together and defending each other in times of need.

During October the Virgan Republic joined an Organisation dubbed 'the United Sovereignties' by then leader Gabriel Young or Usov for short where the Virgan Republic continues to be a member state and Magnate Grant Magic as the Director of Recruitment, this position was attained during late March as the previous Director of Recruitment failed to bring any new members into the United Sovereignties, Magnate Grant still holds this position in the Organisation

In November of 2018 Magnate Magic began to produce Virgan Radio Service on the platform Youtube an (almost) weekly interview service he conducts with other members of the twitter community having many members of the community star on the show including;

  • Dan of New Westphalia
  • Cedar of Sonderan
  • Antonov of Obscurium


During the Republics history the Magnate has engaged in many conflicts on the social platform twitter, the 3 most notable conflicts to date including

  • James of Catan
  • Hayah of Hania
  • Owen of Krainego (now Okanoik)


Nation States with which we have mutual recognition

  • Triumverate of Sonderan
  • Hanian Empire
  • United North American Republic

Nation States we refuse to recognize

  • Okanoik Republic

Organisations (Past and Present)


The IMT or International Micronation Treaty was founded by the Democratic States of Liberstein and had three member stastes;

  • Democratic States of Liberstein
  • The Virgan Republic
  • Fyrinian Republic

The alliance was founded on the 6th of August 2018 and on the basis of being Eurozone like alliance, after only a few weeks the alliance became inactive, word came from the founding states (Democratic States of Liberstein) that Liberstein had been disfounded and handed the IMT over to The Virgan Republic, we then immediately disbanded the IMT on the 25th of August 2018, on the grounds that without the founding member there was no chance that it would survive.


The SMA or Scottish Micronations Treaty was founded by the Paradissium Region of Scotland and The Virgan Republic and currently has 4 member states;

  • The Paradissium Region of Scotland (now renamed to United Sartontia Empire after successful Independence movement due to the incapability of Paradissium
  • The Virgan Republic
  • Tardissium (now renamed to New Tarda)
  • EC flag.png Kingdom Of East Caledonia

The alliance was founded on the 1st of September 2018 and on the basis of bringing all the micronations located within Scotland together, since it's foundation the SMA has come up with a currency for all its members to use (the Luach) whilst still being able to maintain and use their own.


The MEG or Micronational Emergence Group was founded by the Untied Sartontia Empire and the Republic of New Westphalia and currently has 13 member states;

  • United Sartontia Empire
  • Dolusian Unitary Republic
  • Republic of Fitzerland
  • EC flag.png Kingdom Of East Caledonia
  • Republic of New Westphalia
  • Kingdom of Sideria
  • The Domolican Empire
  • The Federal State of Shoresia (now renamde to the Commonwealth of Wenonah)
  • Albakara Empire
  • New Tarda
  • Republic of Gratta
  • The Virgan Republic

The alliance foundation date is curently unknown information it was founded on the basis of keeping micronations in line by helping them to become stable and to cast out simulationist nations from the community, since its foundation its adopted another purpose, to hep new micronations have diplomatic ties with its neighbours and to help them become more well known in the community. The Virgan Republic terminated its own membership on the 5th of December as the Dictator had other responsibilities.

Amullia Pact

The Amullia Pact was founded by Amullia thus its name sake and currently has 7 member states;

  • Amullia
  • Dolusian Unitary Republic
  • The Kingdom of Gottia
  • EC flag.png Kingdom Of East Caledonia
  • Egizara
  • kuehnsburg Empire
  • The Virgan Republic

The alliance foundation date is cureently unknown information it was founded on the basis of keeping the peace between its member states, since its foundation the Amullia Pact has adopted a new purpose, to spread the word of Micronations and to interest more people to create their own or to found their own nation. The Amullia Pact was disbanded on the 18th of October 2018 without explanation.