The Unofficial DPRK Enclacve of Taedong

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The Self Declared DPRK Enclave of Taedong

강성대국 (Gangseong Daeguk / Powerful and Prosperous Nation)
Emmeloord, The Netherlands
Capital cityPyongyang
Official language(s)Dutch, English
Official religion(s)Christianity (Reformed Protestantism)
GovernmentDemocratic People's Republic
EstablishedApril 29, 2019
Area claimed13x7m
Time zoneCEST

The Self Declared DPRK Enclave of Taedong

Taedong, officialy the Self Declared DPRK Enclave of Taedong is the first self declared DPRK enclave within the borders of the Netherlands. The micronation is 13x7 in size and has 1 resident, the 23 year old founder Youri Koeman, formerly head of state of the now no longer existing micronation of North Dutch Korea.

The change of the micronation

On May 12, 2019 (juche 108), Koeman vowed allegiance to Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of the DPRK. He then adopted the flag of DPR Korea as the national flag, made a separate flag for the enclave, adopted the Korean national anthem and established the juche ideology as the ideology of Taedong. Koeman also gave up his Dutch nationality and adopted the Korean, which makes him a nationality converter.


The territory of Taedong is not very large. It consists only of an apartment of 13x7 meters and a shed of 2x2 meters, making this territory one of the smallest enclaves in the world. It is still being considered to move the enclave in that future to a pernament piece of land, since the current area is being rented.


Taedong is the only DPRK area that is fully religious. The enclave is 100% Reformed Protestant, which is not surprising, because only 1 person lives there.


- The name Taedong is named after the Taedong River, where the Korean capital of Pyongyang was founded 2,000 years ago.

- A letter was never sent to the Dutch government or the Korean government stating that Taedong is now an enclave of DPR Korea. For the Netherlands Taedong is still Dutch territory.

- There is a chance that the enclave will move to a different location in a few years' time. The current location is rented and there are plans to continue the enclave one day in a different village from where it is currently located.

- As far as is known, Taedong is the only DPRK enclave in Europe, even it is not official.

- Although Taedong is a DPRK enclave, it has always retained its independence.

- In the past, the Enclave LEader of Taedong had plans to apply for the Chinese nationality at the Chinese embassy in The Hague (the government capital of the Netherlands) because he was not proud of his Dutch nationality. However, this has never been continued.