The University of Kietgrad

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The University of Kietgrad
Означений артикль Університе щодо Кітґрад
Seal of The University of Kietgrad.png
Official Seal
Motto У дослідженнях, ми повинні - У науці, ми довіряємо
Motto in English In research, we must - In science, we trust
Established 2022
Owner Slavtrian Government Holdings
President Catiko
Type Public research university
Location Currently online
Future location: Studia City, Kietgrad, Slavtria
Colors Blue and green
Logo of The University of Kietgrad.png
Official Logo

The University of Kietgrad, stylized as THE University of Kietgrad in events (such as athletics events), is the flagship public research university of the State of Kietgrad. It is currently online only, with a future location intended to be in Studia City.

Departments and Institutes

The University of Kietgrad currently has 7 departments, or "schools", 2 sub-schools, and 1 institute. These departments all offer degrees in multiple related fields and occupations.


The University of Kietgrad's athletics team, The Dauntless Dogs[a] (stylized as THE Dauntless Dogs), plays 2 sports, Driveball and soccer, and is planning to start playing American football soon.

Fight Song

The Dauntless Dogs currently have no fight song.


  1. Named after the national animal of Slavtria, the dog.