The United People's Republic Of Zyechia. (UPRZ)

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The United People's Republic of Zyechia is a communist micronation that is governed by their president, Alex Jones. Their capital is Zyechian Square in Zyechia. They have only 2 popular cities, one being the capital, and another being Quadenchya. Their military personnel is made of 20 people, mostly border patrol. They are currently having no allies, but would like to request one to help in the battle of Cydenchya, a disputed territory with a rival. Their rival is an unknown group, who deported migrants from their country to Zyechia. A disputed battle came to a ceasefire on 5/10/19 when they had to go home. The micronation is located in a school in San Diego. They plan to invade the group territory at 11:45 PM PST on 5/14/19. If any allies would like to help, please visit our YouTube channel. Our motto is "Glory to all, and All to Glory".