The United Military States of the Moon

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The United Military States of the Moon
Flag of The United Military States of the Moon
Anthem: Ein Führer No Yumiya

Largest cityGrünlandstadt
Other languagesEnglish, Japanese, German
• Supreme Leader
Iain Turnbull
LegislatureBicameral Legislature
Führer Cabinet (The Cabinet)
EstablishmentMarch 8th, 2014
• Census
Purported currencyMoon Ruble
Time zoneMoonvian Standard Time (GMT -4h 59m (MST)

The United Military States of the Moon, or the U.M.S.M. is a micronation located in Saint Louis Missouri, and on the Moon. It was founded on March 8th, 2014 by His Majesty The Supreme General Commander Grand Sergeant Major Chief Master Sergeant Supreme Leader King Führer Iain Turnbull. ​The U.M.S.M. is a sovereign independent military dictatorship nation. It uses the currency the "Moon Ruble", however, shops will also take USD and trades. The U.M.S.M. holds the unofficial title of the only micronation in Saint Louis. ​In the U.M.S.M. They strive to preserve and protect nature, and give many opportunities for its citizens. See their website.



The U.M.S.M.'s history is very brief as we are still a very young micronation. The U.M.S.M. was founded on March 8, 2014, by His Majesty the Supreme General Commander Grand Sergeant Major Chief Master Sergeant Supreme Leader King Führer Iain Turnbull. At that time the U.M.S.M. was called Pensklandia. The Supreme Leader wanted to create a nation to advocate for the preservation of nature, and he wanted a perfect nation, one ran by himself, so he could guide the people to greatness. Pensklandia was a very simple nation, one ran only by the will of the Supreme Leader and the laws which governed nature. Citizens were not present in these early stages. The Supreme Leader wanted to ensure only people who shared his ideals joined. Over the next 3 years, Pensklandia would slowly progress into the final construction phases. During this time, the Supreme Leader grew impatient, fearing that natural preservation was not being taken seriously, and that progress on it was too slow. He knew what he would need to do. He needed to grow Pensklandia even further. On March 8th, 2017, exactly 3 years after the nation's founding, the Supreme Leader appointed Quinn Rollins to Supreme Grand General of the Armed Forces. Of course, they had no armed forces at the time. They knew they needed to create a working government first, and so they did. Progress remained slow for the coming year as they spent the time finding extremely trustworthy peers to help them grow the nation. Days later on March 9th, 2017, the Supreme Leader was attacked by the Leader of the Kingdom of Alaska's leader Andrew Custis. Andrew called the Supreme Leader mean names like "meanie." A shouting match ensued. The brave Gavin Christopher, who had recently joined the U.M.S.M. attempted to protect the Supreme Leader. Gavin, in his haze of glory, ran into a flag pole. Upon standing back up, he ran into the same flag pole. This event was the origin of the first 2 casualties in the U.M.S.M. - K.O.A. war and is also regarded as the first battle of the U.M.S.M. - K.O.A war. 8 months later on 11/5/17, the Supreme Leader called President Andrew a "stinky face" when he least expected it. With the element of surprise and a superior force than the Kingdom of Alaska, the Supreme Leader was able to win the 2nd battle of the U.M.S.M. - K.O.A. war. This day is celebrated on November 5th as the national holiday of "Victory Day". A few months later on March 9, 2018, the Supreme Leader appointed Rafe Schmitz as the Supreme Chancellor to help govern the many states they knew would be formed. One more year was spent filling positions with qualified individuals, capable of running the country. At this time, with the influx of a larger government, Pensklandia changed its name and flag. Pensklandia was now called the United Soviet States of the Moon, or U.S.S.M. The name change came after the recent acquisition of the U.S.S.M.'s first territory. Its famed province on the moon, Ragrad. After this, the leaders decided it would be a good idea to establish the armed forces. They established the Border Guard, which is often referred to as the "Old Guard" because it was the first branch of the army to be established. At the time, the U.S.S.M. was influenced by many communist ideals that originated in Pensklandia, as the action of preserving and maintaining nature had to be done by many people, and thus many things must be shared. This "sharing" ideal transformed into communist ideals, that would influence the U.S.S.M. for the year to come including the many laws, images, propaganda, and ideals that would be adopted. On January 8, 2019, the U.S.S.M. finally launched a campaign to gather citizens, and people poured in faster than the current government could handle. The highly unprepared government, quickly created systems to accommodate the large number of people gaining citizenship. On the first day, 15 people joined, on the second day 12 people joined, and on the third day, 4 more people joined, officially ending the period of rapid growth.

Removal of Communist Ideals

At this point, the U.S.S.M., 2 years after communist ideals were introduced went through a "De-Communization" period, where they removed communist ideals and made themselves more "politically correct". Many of these new changes were praised and accepted by the Supreme Leader, who had since realized the fault in the communist system but was unable to change it due to the government members who opposed and outnumbered those who were for wanting to remove communist ideals. The U.S.S.M. also voted on and went through another flag and name change. It was now called the United Military States of the Moon. After these events, order and prosperity came to the country. Jobs were created, the government became larger and more complex, everyone was happy, and everything was working. However, this time of paradise was short-lived.

The List "Snap"

On February 25, 2019, a vote was held to add a new state to the U.M.S.M., Grünlandstadt (German for Grassland City). Up until now, the U.M.S.M. was using an online Google Doc list of people, including rank, job, and voting count. At 8:00 am, the Supreme Leader went to add the new state to the list. However, tragedy struck, half of the list had vanished. The country went into a panic. Weeks of the most detailed of work gone and years of organization lost. They hastily searched to find the culprit. After many hours of investigation, the case had a breakthrough. On the Google Doc, the Minister of Intelligence Zach Bailey noticed one person had access to edit. First Class Private Alex Wang. He was quickly apprehended and interrogated. He pleaded not guilty to breaking law #19: "Any altering without permission or disregard for government documents is treason.". A court case soon followed where he was found guilty and sentenced to exile to Switzerland. The list was reverted to an older, save. Not a very easy fix, however better than nothing. Even though they were thinking that the day could not get any worse, it did.

The Dark Ages

On the same day that Alex W. was exiled, the current Rock of that time quit his job. At the time, the government did not know the importance of The Rock, so they shrugged it off. One week later, with the absence of the rock, the county was plunging deeper into a debate, almost to the point of civil war. With the Rock gone, they had no one to blame for their misfortune, which made them blame everything on each other. Then they realized, that all these issues were all because of there being no rock. Alex Wang was quickly pulled back from exile and given the title of The Rock as we had no prisoners, and no one was volunteering. After the dubbing of the new rock, the government almost immediately returned to peace. The nation was once again at rest. This 8-day long period of time is called the dark ages of the U.M.S.M.

The Anti-Dark Ages

With the ever-increasing complexity of the government, "the list" was getting more and more disorganized. The government needed a way to show the power separation between more people. So, a solution was proposed by the Supreme Leader himself. There would be a decimal assigned to each member of the government. The closer this number was to 0, the more power the person had. The names of the government were also reorganized. The minsters and extremely important members of the government that had voting rights were called The Senate. The workers under these people were called the government. The military was called the military, and citizens were called citizens. A few days later a plan for a coup d'état was uncovered by the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Gavin Christopher. The culprits were swiftly arrested by the nation's military, and disciplined. It was apparent that the county needed a secret service to protect the upper members of the government. This group would be named the "D.D.A." or "Drittel der Armee", Which is really rough German for "3rds up army", to signify that 3rds and up are the most important. This section of the military would be run by Zach Bailey, a man who had experience with security and interrogation. A few weeks later the government gained a new section. The Führer Cabinet. This is a section for the elite of the elite. There are 6 members of the Cabinet: The Supreme Leader, the Supreme Grand General, The Commander of Religion and Sciences, The Supreme Chancellor, Commander of Security, and the Brigadier General of the Border Guard. These extremely important roles are necessary for the U.M.S.M.'s survival, and that is why if they unanimously agree, their decision cannot be overridden. On May 24, 2019, the U.M.S.M. officially broke with the last of its communist ties. The Supreme Leader dubbed this day, Independence Day.

The "Snap"

Then on August 2, 2019, tragedy struck. With most of the U.M.S.M.'s population switching from middle to high school, many citizens and government officials had to leave the U.M.S.M. as there would be a giant communication barrier. One of our newest, Emir Kliko stepped up to fill one of the most important positions, the position of Strategic Command General, the position responsible for the defensive and offensive strategy of the U.M.S.M. On August 13, 2019, we appointed him this title. As the population recovers from having half of the working force disappear, the U.M.S.M. now enters into a long time of prosperity.

The Diplomatic Era

During a period from August 25, 2019, to February 7, 2020, the U.M.S.M. has seen a great influx of diplomatic activity with other micronations. The U.M.S.M. allied with the Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic due to an attack on the I.S.S.R. that the U.M.S.M. could not stand idly by. The I.S.S.R.'s existence was threatened by an outside enemy. The U.M.S.M. helped the I.S.S.R. get a foothold and recover from the attacks.

Return To Isolationism

The 2nd isolationist era began on February 8th, 2020 when the U.M.S.M.'s Senate voted 19-6 to leave the Treaty of the Midwest with the I.S.S.R, (one of the nations allied with the U.M.S.M.) and enter an isolationist foreign policy due to many of the micronations we maintain relations with veering from the ideals we once supported. The Senate has also voted to leave the Treaty of the Midwest with the I.S.S.R. due to the U.M.S.M. no longer being benefited by it, and the treaty going against an isolationist policy. A document was written, outlining what the U.M.S.M. was allowed to do, regarding interaction with other nations. This document can be found: here

Politics and government

The government of the U.M.S.M. is very simple it consists of a pyramid shape with the Supreme Leader at the top. His rank is 0, as in the U.M.S.M. the closer your rank number is to zero, the more power you have. The government of the U.M.S.M. is separated into 2 sections, The Senate and the Führer Cabinet (The Cabinet for short.). The Senate has the power to override decisions made by the military, and The Cabinet has the power to override decisions made in the Senate. However, The Cabinet makes sure to not abuse its power into only work for the good of the people. The U.M.S.M. is a Republic dictatorship. They categorize themselves as a Republic based on how they vote for things. When they vote each person says either yes or no. However, not everyone's vote is worth one vote. The amount your vote is worth is decided by people who already have the right to vote. Ranks in the U.M.S.M. are very simple to understand. The closer your rank to 0 the more power you have. Under him are his to closest accomplices and his 2nd and 3rd in command with the rank of one or 1st. This ranking goes all the way down until the end of the Senate.

Law and order

The U.M.S.M. enjoys enforcing its laws. All of the laws can be found on their website here: [1]. They use the military as its police force and its means to enforce the law.

Foreign relations

The U.M.S.M. does not have many relations with other micronations. There are either micronations who do not want to enter formal relations or micronations that their government deems not serious enough and they worry associating with them will tarnish their image and reputation. They used to be allied with micronations called the I.S.S.R. and The Domolican Empire, however now, due to a vote in the U.M.S.M.'s Senate, they have dropped all alliances and taken an isolationist policy. It is not yet known when they will reemerge in intermicronational affairs.


The military in the U.M.S.M. is the police, bodyguards, security guards, and everything in between. The fight for the security of the nation and the security of their allies. The U.M.S.M. has 3 different parts to its military. The Army, run by the Supreme Grand General Quinn Rollins; the Air Force, run by the Supreme Leader; and the Border Guard, run by Brigadier General Benjamin Franklin Ellis IV. The purpose of the Moonvian Army is to fight all the battles outside the U.M.S.M. They keep the country from being invaded. The Border Guard protects the inside of the U.M.S.M. If the country is to be invaded, then the army and the Border Guard will both fight inside the country. The Air Force supports both sections. They maintain air superiority, and ensure that the army and border guard are victorious! The U.M.S.M. takes great pride in its military, and the U.M.S.M. has never been invaded!

Geography and climate

The U.M.S.M. has an area of 11.6 Jacksons or 2.68 acres. They claim 3 pieces of land in Saint Louis Missouri. These 3 land claims are the states of Grünlandstadt, Dytusstein, and Moonvia. They also claim land on the moon, which is the state of Ragrad. Temperatures are wildly unpredictable. The only accurate prediction you could make is that it will be colder in the winter than it is in the summer. It will be rainy and windy in the spring, and fall will set in around October.




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