The United Military States of the Moon

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The United Military States of the Moon

Ein Führer No Yumiya
Saint Louis, Missouri and the Moon
Capital cityMoonvia
Largest cityGrünlandstadt
Official language(s)English, Japanese, Moonvian
GovernmentMilitary Dictatorship Republic
- Head of StateSupreme Leader Iain Turnbull
- Head of GovernmentSupreme Leader Iain Turnbull
- Head of MilitarySupreme Grand General of the Armed Forces Quinn Rollins
EstablishedMarch 8th, 2017
Area claimed11.6 Jacksons (2.68 acres)
CurrencyMoon Ruble
Time zoneRa Standard Time (GMT -4h 59m (RST)
National sportExtreme Ironing
National animalGreen Heron

The United Military States of the Moon or the U.M.S.M. is a micronation located in Saint Louis Missouri and on the Moon. It was founded on March 8th, 2014 by His Majesty The Supreme General Commander Grand Fleet Admiral Chief Master Sergeant Supreme Leader King Führer Iain Turnbull. ​The U.M.S.M. is a sovereign independent military dictatorship nation. It uses the currency the "Moon Ruble", however, shops will also take USD and trades. The U.M.S.M. holds the unofficial title of the only micronation in Saint Louis. ​In the U.M.S.M., they strive to preserve and protect nature, and give many opportunities for its citizens. See their website [1]

Politics and government

The government of the U.M.S.M. is very simple it consists of a pyramid scheme with the Supreme Leader at the top. His rank is 0, as in the U.M.S.M. the closer your rank number is to zero, the more power you have. The government of the U.M.S.M. is separated into 2 sections, The Senate and the Führer Cabinet. The Senate has the power to override decisions made by the military, and the Führerr Cabinet has the power to override decisions made in the Senate. However, the Führer Cabinet makes sure to not abuse its power into only work for the good of the people. The U.M.S.M. is a Republic dictatorship. They categorize themselves as a Republic based on how they vote for things. When they vote each person says either yes or no. However, not everyone's vote is worth one vote. The amount your vote is worth is decided by people who already have the right to vote. The people do not have the right to vote only individuals selected by the government will have the right to vote. usually, the people who are most likely to agree with the King will get a higher value of the vote. in the U.M.S.M. is very simple the closer your rank to 0 the more power you have. Under him are his to closest accomplices and his 2nd and 3rd in command with the rank of one or first. This ranking goes all the way down until the end of the Senate.

Law and order

The U.M.S.M. enjoys enforcing its laws. All of the laws can be found on their website here: [2]. They use the military to enforce the laws.

Foreign relations

The U.M.S.M. does not have many relations with other micronations. There are either micronations who do not want to enter formal relations or micronations that their government deems not serious enough and they worry associating with them will tarnish their image and reputation. They used to be allied with micronations called the I.S.S.R. and The Domolican Empire, however now, due to a recent vote in the U.M.S.M.'s Senate, they have dropped all alliances and taken an isolationist policy. It is not yet known when they will reemerge in intermicronational affairs.


The military in the U.M.S.M. is the police, bodyguards, security guards, and everything in between. The fight for the security of our great nation and the security of our allies. The U.M.S.M. takes pride in its military and says that they will always choose never to attack unless threatened.

Geography and climate

Temperatures are insanely unpredictable. The only accurate prediction you could make is that it will be colder in the winter then it is in the summer. It will be rainy and windy in the spring, and fall will set in around October.


The U.M.S.M. has a trade surplus of 4 dollars. Their exports are Jackets, T-Shirts, and hoodies, and they import campaign medals and pencils. The U.M.S.M.'s average annual GDP is 67 dollars (GDP Per Capita is 3.04) as of 2019. Glory to the U.M.S.M.!