United Micronational Assembly

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The United Micronational Assembly (U.M.A.)
Flag of the U.M.A.
Logo of the U.M.A.

International organisation
Headquarters U.M.A. Room (Google Hangouts)

Official language Below

and American English

Membership Full Members: 5 Observer States: 0

Chairman Jevon Allen Perkins
Vice-Chairman Nick Rankov

– Foundation 22 January 2018


The United Micronational Assembly, also known as the UMA, is an alliance of small mostly unrecognized nations. The alliance serves as a way to unite said nations' militaries under one flag. The assembly also serves to protect all "micronations" from oppressive "macronations using peaceful military tactics. The UMA also serves to create a larger voice for all small nations the world over.

Offices of the U.M.A.

Chairman: Jevon A. Perkins

President of The Security Council: Jevon A. Perkins

Field Marshal of U.M.M.F.: Jevon A. Perkins

Vice Chaiman: Nick Rankov

Vice-President of The Security Council: Nick Rankov

Minister of Affairs: Nick Rankov

Press Minister: Nick Rankov

Chief Justice: Aydan Dillon

Minister of Finance:

Minister of Security:

Member States

Full Member Nations:

Observer Nations:


Representitives of the Nation States


Any nation may join the UMA so long as they meet three requirements.

  1. They must not be recognized by any "Macronation" at the time of joining, and
  2. Must be a legitimate "New-Nation" Project (no roleplay or fictional nations will be permitted).
  3. To join, all a nation must do is ratify the UMA code of conduct (No nation has to do that yet as the code of conduct has not yet been finished but will be available soon), next a nation must possess a google hangouts account (email connected to google). Finally, they should place their country below and their entry will be voted upon in at the next meeting held every month.

No nation may leave the United Micronational Assembly UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (Only if the nation is defunct)

Join UMA: To join, below the line put the following, Country's name (Flag Optional), Google hangouts email.

Example- Nation of Exampleton-example@gmail.com

Place below:

Sectors of the U.M.A.