United Kingdom of Tictastein

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Welcome to the official MircoWiki of The United Kingdom of Tictastein

Links The official Twitter is page: [1] The official Constitution: [2] The official "chairing" rules: [3] The official national holidays: [4] The new and official website: [5]

The Details The United Kingdom of Tictastein was founded on the 6th of June 2016. It was founded by His Majesty King Brandon 1st. Tictastein is (as of now) a Semi-Absolute Monarchy with a constitution but with absolute power to the King. There are plans to create a Constitutional Monarchy in the future. Tictastein is located on the east coast of Australia, just south of the town Port Macquarie. Tictastein (as of now) has a GDP of under A$100, and has a population of under 10, 7 to be precise.

The Flag The flag of Tictastein was designed by His Majesty King Brandon 1st.

The Flag of The United Kingdom of Tictastein

The Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms was designed by The Emperor of Pacifica and it was edited by His Majesty King Brandon.

The Coat of Arms, Designed by the Pacifian Emperor, Edited by His Majesty.

The National Anthem There is a national anthem being writen, it has (as of now) got no name.

Beliefs Tictastein is a capitalist micro-nation, and the King believes that marriage, gay or not is a right, and should be legal everywhere (unlike in Australia). The King is not gay, for the record.

Alliances As of now Tictastein is not in military or economic alliances but was in the ATO as an observer state. Tictastein would say it is allies with; The Republic of Eberia, The People's Empire of Pacifica, (hopefully) The New Gadsden Empire, (hopefully) The Herbetrean Federation, (hopefully) The Kingdom of Gardeland, (hopefully) The Kingdom of Iffonia, (hopefully) The Aeternian Empire, (hopefully) The Republic of Sonorous, (hopefully) The National Republic of New England, (hopefully) Smyrna, and multiple more (hopefully).

Sports Tictastein national sport is "Chair Throwing". No teams have been established yet, and (as of now) there aren't plans to create any, sadly. The short name for chair throwing is "chairing".

National Holidays Tictastein has national holidays, some are normal, like Christmas and New Years Day, but some of them are special to Tictastein. Find out all the national holidays at the link at the to of this page.

Social Media Tictastein does have a Twitter account, and a Facebook account, but the Facebook account is not used. And soon should have a youtube channel, this should be before mid next year. A website is up! The link is at the top of the page.

Languages The official language of Tictastein is English. His Majesty is creating a language, one of Tictastein origin. This new language does not have a name yet. The language will be released before the end of the year. But it will continue to be updated with new words.

The Royal Army/Navy/Air Force/Defence Administration The "RANAFDA" is the main policing and defence force of Tictastein, the head of this administration is the His Majesty King Brandon. As of now we have no; aeroplanes, vehicles, boats, tanks, guns, uniforms etc. The reason for the RANAFDA's lack of everything is because the budget does not allow it. The RANAFDA is still around so the people of Tictastein feel safer.

Tictastein's RANAFDA Battle Flag This flag was designed by His Majesty King Brandon.

The Battle Flag for RANAFDA

The Dollaridoo, The Official Currency The Dollaridoo is the official currency of Tictastein, and is pinned at 2 Australian Dollars. The Dollaridoo was instated on the 19th of September, 2016.