United Essex Nations

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United Essex Nations
Intermicronational organisation
UEN logo.jpg

Headquarters The Newlandic Nexus

Official languages English


Membership 3 members:

Flag of The Empire of New Amsterdam.png New Amsterdam

Flag of Memetown.jpg Memetown

Flag of The Epyk Federation2.jpg Epyk

Chairman Samuel of New Amsterdam
Vice-Chairman Noah of Memetown

– Foundation 1 March 2017

The United Essex Nations, often abbreviated to UEN, is a micronational organization comprised of micronations that were founded and currently have territory in Essex, England. The UEN was founded by Prime Minister of New Amsterdam Samuel Reece on 1 March 2017.

The UEN consists of three member nations: the Empire of New Amsterdam, Memetown, and the Epyk Federation. Samuel R. is currently serves as Chairman of the organization.