United Democratic Counties Of Xonbia

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March of the British Grenadiers
Capital cityNone. Government in Exile
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameUDCX
GovernmentParliamentary with constitutinal monachy
- Supreme emthraLevi newman
- Grand emthraTBE
Area claimed200km²
Population11 (as of 2012 census)
CurrencyLundian puffin
Time zone(UTC+1)
DEFUNCT Replaced by the The New Kingdom Of Lundy



The udcx was created beacause the fear that the lundian people whould not like to be ruled as a coloniel state, so levi newman created the udcx or other wise known as the lundian counties.The monarchy rules over this area along with the parliment and the emthras, the colony of menth use to be apart but it was relised beacause it was to far from the capitol and beacame ruled by the xonbian empire.


The motto comes from a story made by the emthra levi newman. it tells of a young irish man coming to england he dreams of becoming apart of the british parliment but after years and years he find out dark secrets and retires early. he then buys a island and makes a country of his own, he then looks at the world from ashore and sighs.


During 1922 Martin cole herman the bought the island of lundy, and created inedertedly made on the basis that is was it inturpreted today had never been claimed and was there for independent.He created stamps and coins which are still in service.Martin then died living lundy with no king and dead, untill 2011 when The Xonbian empire looking for independance claimed the island as there sovghen territory.It was then late dessided that for the greater good of the people of the island that there should be admistive area there, the new monachy were dessided and a parliment was made.


After a while the xonbian democratic counties formed a personal union with its former colony the kingdom of lundy,now trying to reform the two countries attempted to form a consituition, but however could not add the feudal rights of the king/Emthra so the king gave him self two choices either xonbia annexes l.ndy or lundy annexes xonbia. The derision was to annex xonbia due to the fact that xonbia was already a laughing stock, bringing an end to 3 years of xonbian/glitish/zyonbian rule/