Third Alarian War

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The Third Alarian War
Part of The Elarian-Alarian Conflict
Date10 March 2021 - 21 April 2021


Commanders and leaders
Charles Madgett
Jacob Dumm


John Mendel




Total: 8

The Third Alarian War was an idea of a war where Alaria and Neo-Alaria would form a micronational superpower as a United Alarian Front, siding with the LENS to force the MA or Runnymede back into proper foreign relations. Some have also said Alaria and Neo-Alaria would reform as a United Alarian Front to take out the LENS or Ela'r'oech. Eventually, however, a war started where multiple belligerents targeted Alaria after extremists took over the nation with a coup. On March 10, 2021, the LENS declared war on Alaria, with the support of it's former leaders. Charles Madgett, the Chairman of the LENS and leader of Ela'r'oech had spoken out against Alaria's new leaders. He has also spoken out against their tactics which had affected members of their community who had no clue the war was going on.

Alaria has continued to support it's new leaders who have repeatedly used illegal activities to attack the LENS and Ela'r'oech. On March 22, 2021, a leader of Alaria was arrested for hacking into local TVs and threatening U.S. citizens. Neo-Alaria has since become the outlet of Alarians as Alaria had been invaded and forced into Elarian occupation with seemingly no resistance.

On March 22, it was thought the war had ended after Ela'r'oech was able to maintain control to Alaria. However, two days later, Alaria struck back with a new leader named John Mendel as the fascists had taken over after Gorbachev was unable to properly hold a communist state in Alaria.

Eventually, activity dropped in every nation until finally the Ramirez's took back Alaria and eventually helped the LENS win the war.