The Theocracy of Trickey

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The Theocracy of Trickey
La Teocrazia di Trickey

Trickey Flag.pngTrickey COA.png

God Leads Us
Inno Nasionale Veneto
Enclaved by: The United States
Capital cityParish of Firuli
Largest cityParish of Firuli
Official language(s)English,
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameTrickey
- DogeOscar
- VicarLouis
LegislatureNational Arengo
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established24 February 2021
Area claimedUnannounced
CurrencyLygonian Stelo
GDP (nominal)Unannounced
Time zoneEST
National sportSkiing
National dishLobster
National drinkWater
National animalDeer
Patron saintCatherine of Siena


The Theocracy of Trickey, commonly known as Trickey, was a self-declared sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Trickey is a nation made up of two non contiguous plots of land located around the the Southern parts of the US State of Maine which represent Roman Catholic and Italian ideals and values. Trickey is bordered by one micronation in the region of Naples, that being The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta, the nation was dissolved on the 22nd of April 2021.


The name of The Theocracy of Trickey comes from the Catholic aspect of the nation and the ideals rooted in democracy. The name Trickey comes from the name of the lake the Doge lives on and where the constitution was signed by the First National Arengo.


The nation was first thought of by Jamie Birch in July of 2020 and was initially started in mid December 2020 after Archie Birch announced wanting to create a second micronation. Jamie proposed his idea and Archie agreed to it, following this work began and positions were filled with family and friends of Jamie's. By January 1st 2021, the nation was dissolved following the creation of the Katahdin Republic under the Commonwealth of Maine, on February 24th 2021 when the Misberian Confederacy was dissolved the nation announced its reformation under its new Doge Oscar. The nation became known for its rapid expansion within the former Misberian claims, following the agreement in the Third Meeting of Songo in the Commonwealth half the nation left to join the new nation of The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta. On the 20th of March, the nation's Doge announced the nation would become a willing member under The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta as a quasi puppet state with Jamie Birch of the Holy City of Napoli overseeing the growth and stability of the region.

Geography, Climate and Environment

The geography of Theocracy of Trickey is very flat with minor rolling hills and located on coasts of bodies of water like Trickey Pond or The Machias River. The climate of Theocracy of Trickey is a humid continental climate, with warm and sometimes humid summers, and long, cold and very snowy winters. Winters are especially severe in Trieste. Daytime highs are generally in the 75–80 °F (24–27 °C) range throughout the nation in July, with overnight lows in the high 50s °F (around 15 °C). January temperatures range from highs near 30 °F (−1 °C) in the nation to overnight lows.


The nobility of Theocracy of Trickey is small given it has just been founded, currently the only nobleman of the nation of the nation is His Royal Highness The Doge of Theocracy of Trickey, Oscar.


The government of Theocracy of Trickey is a puppet government to The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta, with the nation having power over the foriegn affairs, military and economy. However the nation is able to do its own projects, have its own policies and other internal affairs. The national government is split into three branches, that being the Doge, National Arengo and Holy Court of The Land, and one level of administrative power.

National Government:

The national government holds a National Arengo once a month of the first Wednesday of the month where all citizens are invited to vote and partake in government with the head of the National Arengo being the Vicar.

Ttile Term Name Notes
Government Members of Trickey
His Royal Highness The Doge of Trickey February 24th 2021 - Present Oscar Second Doge of Trickey
Her Honorable Vicar February 24th 2021 - Present Louis Third Vicar of Trickey
Supreme Judge of Trickey February 24th 2021 - Present David Second Supreme Judge of Trickey
His Royal Advisor to The Doge March 20th 2021 - Present Jamie Birch Head of the Damariscottan Council on Trickey Affairs

Local Government:

The local government is made up of a Parish or town with the leadership of that Parish being the Princep who is elected by their fellow town folk and approved by the Doge.

Name Flag Arms Picture Population Officials Established Location
Parishes of Trickey
Parish of Firuli PFriuli Flag.png PFriuliCOA.png Bogusha.jpg 3 Princep:


February 24th 2021 Naples, ME
Parish of Trieste Trickey Flag.png Trickey COA.png Naplesssss.jpg 2 Princep:


February 24th 2021 Bridgton, ME


The economy of Trickey is small with limited use, the economy is based upon a barter and trade system where goods and services are decided on by the individuals in the deal. The Trickeion government makes money through a series of monthly donations Clynk and redemption center programs. The main currency of Theocracy of Trickey is the New England Sector Confier and is currently tied to nothing.


Trickey culture is very unique from other micronational cultures, from the activities done such as the jocular AB Birch Award, award for stupidity. Most symbolism and ideals represent a large portion of the North American Continent and Western Europe influences. The first cultural report came out on 31 December 2020 from the the then Ministry of Culture detailing the Misberian culture.