TamTamweed Militia

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Party nameTamTamweed
LeaderThomas Mustafa El-Tegani
Political positionmid right
ColoursBlack red and green
AnthemSaddam Hussein Dabke

About the TamTamweed

The TamTamweed is a tribal militia made up of mercenaries. The Militia consist of Arab tribesman, Criminals, thugs as well as supporters of the Ba'ath party and people who have been conscripted from the many strongholds that the TamTamweed has sized from micro nations. The TamTam weed operates in a number of micronations where it seeks to make profit either by raiding local settlers or offering support to combatants during times of conflict. The TamTamweed gains its equipment from micro nations that it has raided and by its may foreign backers eg The free state of Halaib Sudan and the Republic Of Lurnex


The TamTamweed operates in a number of micro nations that are listed below;

Contracts,Pacts and allegiances

The Lurnex pact

On 04/04/2019 The TamTamweed Militia singed an agreement with the Republic Of Lurnex that means the TamTamweed will help Lurnex in times of war/conflict in exchange for arms and training redivided by the Lurnex army.

The Sudanese agreement

The TamTamweed has announced on 08/04/2019 that is is protecting the arab Sudanese micro nations of Owhil and the Free state of Halaib Sudan. The reasons for this is to protect Sudanese micro nations form imperialists and non Arab African tribes. To this day the majority of the support for the TamTamweed comes from the Free state of Halaib Sudan.


The Halaib Tribal uprising

When the tribal uprising broke out in the free state of Halaib Sudan the TamTamweed was quick to be deployed. TamTamweed militiamen supported the S.H.A (Sudanese Halaib army) who successfully stopped the uprising. The S.H.A handed over the leaders of the uprising who had been arrested to the TamTamweed. The uprising leaders have never been seen again afterwards the TamTamweed began mass arrests Halaib Sudan of people who share tribal views.

The Lurnex civil war

When the Lurnex civil war broke out on 07/04/2019 the TamTamweed carried out their end of the Lurnex agreement. The Lurnex Anti-Communist party started a civil war against the Fascist government so the Fascist government led by Hamish smith enlisted the help of the TamTamweed who declared war on the party later that day. Currently the civil war and the TamTamweeds involvement is on going.