The Sultanate of Vagaria

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Sultanate of Vagaria
Flag (4) edited 2.png
Motto: "We are all equal, no matter what the devil says"
Largest cityShidra
• Sultan
Yaemori I
• Grand Vizier
Kian Heiken
LegislatureVagarian Peoples Congress
• Estimate
Time zonePacific (-7)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Sultanate of Vagaria, also known as Vagaria, is a micronation located in the U.S state of Oregon.



On 25 August 2020, two friends, Yaemori I and Zack Phillips, founded Vagaria in disagreement of the current political situation inside the United States. Yaemori I disagreed in particular with the violation of the rights of people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, and as such founded Vagaria to introduce said rights into his country[1]. As with micronations, it is enclaved by a macronation, particularly the United States.


Vagaria's territory is primarily located in an enclave located in the U.S state of Oregon, which is divided into 4 provinces named Adra, Shidra, Idra and Daeh

Titles For Provinces

Vagaria is divided into three different duchy's, a duchy are divided based on provinces. Most dukes (no duchess's have been appointed to a duchy yet) are close relations of the Sultan or close friends. You do not have to be Muslim to be a duke or duchess but you must be appointed by the sultan to be a duke or duchess. Here is the list of all the duchy's and dukes that rule them.

1. Duchy of Adra, Yaemori I

2. Duchy of Shidra, Zack Phillips

3. Duchy of Daeh, Ayden Swartwood

4. Duchy of Idra, Kian Heiken


The majority of the citizens political ideals are unknown.

Foreign relations

Relations Between Micronations

Vagaria has an embassy with the Coleman Empire and has informal relations with the Empire of Aeternia.


Vagaria believes in free love and LBGTQ and Black rights. Vagarians are Progressive and don't discriminate on people of different cultures and don't care about what religion people follow but do not believe in the Muslim belief of honor killings.


Official languages

The Sultanate of Vagaria has two official languages, the first is English and is spoken by all citizens and the second official language is Arabic

Religion, Currency and Anthem

Vagarias official religion is Islam, the currency of Vagaria is the Valora (1 Valora = 3.571 USD), Vagaria has no Natinal anthem but is looking to make it's own


Political Shenanigan's

Yaemori wanted to make all elected positions only available to Muslims but the Grand Vizier Zack Phillips denied this request because he himself was not Muslim. Yaemori and Zack had a discussion and decided in order to run for Grand Vizier you must have a official title and be appointed by the Sultan or be Muslim

Election of 2021

Zack Phillips ran for Grand Vizier again and Kian Heikens ran against him. Zack promised nothing and Kian promised more "stability" but never specified what that meant. The final vote was 5-11 with Kian winning in a land slide.


The position of duke or duchess is for life unless 75% of the population votes to depose them or be deposed by the sultan. the position of sultan is for life unless 100% of the duke's or duchess's vote to depose the sultan but that will be impossible because the title of the Duchy of Adra immediately goes to the sultan. Grand Vizier elections get held every month.


Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Vagaria the Swartwoods.png Flag (4) edited 2.png The full coat of arms of Swartwood.png

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