The Stone War

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The Stone War was a war, during which Baránok was re-established. It lasted only one hour, but it will be forever remembered in history of Baránok, because during the war, Baránok was re-established and 11 new citizens joined to the country.

The Stone War
Part of Re-establishment of Baránok
Stone war location.png
Playground, where the war occurred.
Date5 September 2019
Pekná cesta, Bratislava, Slovakia
Status ended
 Baránok non-Baranese groups of warriors
Commanders and leaders

Imrich Kvajda

around 5 other groups
11 ?

The War

On 4th September, 2019, on the Pekná Cesta Playground, a riot between around 6 groups of pupils begun. It had no cause. Then-President of Baránok Imrich Kvajda declared that Baránok will fight the war against all these groups. The war began when someone threw a little gravel stone. Then, a massive attack begun on the slide at the playground, where Baranese Army had base. The war lasted around one hour. It ended by a draw. Luckily, no one was injured.

Gravel stones, similar to stones that were used in the war