The Squishes

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'The Squishes is a New Eiffelic adventure comedy-drama web series


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4: "Lost in Time"



  • Shush Columbo
  • Rampar "Rampa"
  • One-eyed Frank
  • Tom
  • Mysterious Villain / Long Ears and Long Chin
  • Narrater
  • Two-Face
  • Big Head Bob


  • Bully
  • Squishie Shis
  • Squanshy
  • Blackhole
  • th. Tim
  • Shuan
  • Voice Guy Vick
  • Air-my-plane


  • Dingle
  • The Morph Brothers (Brother, Morph)
  • Long Head and Small Face
  • Tongue
  • Trinose
  • Bumble Maximilian Wilson III
  • Big Ear
  • Head Crack
  • One-eyed Tank
  • Squish
  • Aph-Meow




No. No. In season Title Original air date Plot
Season 1
1 1 "Pilot" 21 April 2017 The first episode opens with narration, telling the viewer about the characters in the episode. After Shush spoke with Tom and Squishie Shis, Rampa gets mad at Shush and calls him ugly. Shush warns Rampa that if he is mean again he would never be let back on the show. After Shush tells him off, Rampa apologises to Shush and the viewers. Shush says goodbye, and the ending theme plays.
2 2 "The Squishys" 23 April 2017 Shush asks the other squishes wither or not they think the day sunny. One-eyed Frank gets mad over the disagreement wither or not the day is sunny, and tries to take over the squishes complex. Shush threatens to call Rampa, to give him a beating. Two-Face than summons Backhole to eat One-eyed Frank, causing him to apologise and promise to be good.
Season 2
3 1 "Déjà vu" 24 April 2017 Both Rampa and Shush's brothers appear to meet them after years of separation. Shush tells the story of why he stopped speaking to his brother. One-eyed Tank later tries to kill everybody, but Two-Face summons Blackhole to stop him. Than out of nowhere, a flood appears.
4 2 "The Flood" 25 April 2017 Flashback: Shaun tries to escape detection, but is stopped by Shush. The flood continues, and Shaun and Bully return after years to save them from the flood.
5 3 "The Mysterious Villain" 25 April 2017
6 4 "Plane Trip" 26 April 2017
Season 3
9 1 "Insurance Commercial" 10 August 2018 "#EpicSquads"
10 2 "Diet Commercial" 11 August 2018 Various dieting commercials
11 3 "Fragrance Commercial" 12 August 2018 Various fragrance commercials
12 4 "YouTube Red Advertisement" 21 August 2018 YouTube Red advertisements
Season 4
13 1 "Hotel Commercial" 1 October 2018
14 2 "Fashion Commercial" 2 October 2018
15 3 "Terrible Anti-Virus Commercial" 3 October 2018
16 4 "Water Bottle Commercial" 5 October 2018

History and production

The idea for the web series came from The girl and The hacked signal, a short-film created by jOOST Smith and released on 19 April 2017. The short-film featured a girl watching a children's program called "The Squishes". The first episode of the Squishes was created on 21 April 2017, two days after the release of the short-film.


The Squishes has two official theme songs, both named The Squishes featuring no instrumental.

Sad Violin

Sad Violin Air Horn

Illuminati theme

Hearts of Courage

Critical reception

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