Somcowian Federation

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Somcowian Federation

O magnificum foederationis nostrae (English: Oh, our grand federation)
Capital city Somcow
Largest city GrKhan
Official language(s) English,French,Russian,Spanish
Official religion(s) N/A
Short name Somcow
Demonym Somcowian,gullic,Pureian,Russian
Government Democratic Socialist/congrese socialistic
- Supervisor Of State Tony Sweigart
- Prime Minister Grand Sir Nik
Legislature Congress
Established 2017
Population 46 (as of 2018 census)
Currency Blanks
Time zone (EST)
National sport Chess Boxing
National animal Cat

The Somcowian Federation is a micronation founded on November 30 - December 1, 2017, located in North America. The nation's goal is to prove that a more socialist government can benefit everyone. The nation's government is called the Federal Government Of The Federation


What is now the Somcowian Federation began when the nation's 3 founding fathers made the 9 Clan. Small and weak, it grew trying to become a superpower, merging with other nations such as the Grand Kingdom Of Somcow, North Pure, South Pure, Principality Of Liginehom, People's Republic of Gull, and the Gullic Empire. They formed the 9 federation and made it the nation it is today.

During the middle of February, it was decided that the 9 Federation change its name to the "Somcownian Federation." This change also brought about a new flag for the nation.

Kingdom Era

Back in the first days the nation it was ruled by the Sweigart dynasty Lord Tony was still in charge but was called The Great Honorable Grand Undoubted Emperor Of Gull to Somcow Tony. But due to the rising popularity of a new system called Congressional Democratic Socialism changes were made that added a elected congress and Death election rule. At this time the kingdom era ended

Congress Era

At this time a congress was elected. The congress would vote on laws,budgets and the kings choices for the nation. Of course there needed to be political parties so the first 2 parties rose up. The Nationalist Party and the Congressional Communist Party. The congressional communist party was really not communist at all. As the congress became more and more popular the people just wanted there last big sprinkle of democracy. The role Prime Minister was made.

Commonwealth Era

During this time the nation was so fractured the nation went into war. Known as the Federated War. At the end all nation remained on the federation except The United Beachwood Republic and Spoof. They decided to form the Federated Commonwealth. It brought unity to all former federation states bringing them into a looser federation. The current chairman of the organization, Chairman Tony, has started by planning multiple meetings.

Federation Cold War

During this time beechwood had lots of agression. In response somcow orders the army to mobalize multiple times. The Federated Commonwealth has restircted how wars can happen with the agressor penelties which heavily sanctions on agressors in a war and send aid to the defenders. Though a international court was introduced and a code of law so therr are good and bad things for agrresors and defenders. This cold war is between beechwood and somcow. People predict this are will end with a second Federated War or as people already name it The War For Dominance. Both leader have said they avoid war but Lord tony has war plans and Emperor William I of beechwood has thretained multiple wars. The outcome is unknown.

The Third Federated War

On one day beechwood declared war on scoop. Due to this somcow declared sanctions on beechwood. To get revenge they declared war on somcow. The war has begun. It started with the Battle For Swampia with a somcowian victory. then there was a stand off in a neutral zone but then beechwood surrendered ending the war.

KDL Standoff

On Friday in the Third Federated War Somcow was at Neutral zone 2:Libary. They got a study room and proceeded to have a emergency council meeting. The beechwoodees came and claimed a study room and recruited a person on the way. They started defending there room like a base. So we did the same. a since its in a neutral zone if you shoot someone they do not get suspended for a week. But you can capture and imprison people in your study room. This was a standoff,. It is known as the, KDL standoff. Somcowian diplomats constantly tried to work out peace but they were turned away. At one point people came out of the library and stood on the concrete. They shot each other. They had a debate if this counts since they were still on library grounds. they agreed it did NOT count. at one point the Somcowian had someone come in and say they want to join us. We knew they were a spy but they left us with a gun. They soon raided the place to get the gun back. Later the somcowian officials decided that they will aba done this room and move to a room upstairs. The beechwoodes sent countless agents to gather information The standoff ended soon after. It started at 4:00 and ended at 5:40.

Age Of Reform

After the war somcow noticed they need to become more professional and started working on that. They adopted Leftist Tonyism. Later after the University Of Political And Chemical Science was founded a student created Reformed Leftist Tonyism more commonly known as Reformist Tonyism or Reformism. That students was granted the Federation Royal Award Of Excellence and the congress declared Somcow a Reformist Tonyist State. I'd like to remind you Tonyism is its own political spectrum base of the teachings of many famous socialists. Sooner Somcow became to be recognized as a more professional state bringing us into a quickly advancing utopia of a nation.


Executive Branch 1.Supervisor Of State 2:Prime Minister 3.Head Minister 4.Secretary Of Somcow

Congressional Branch 1.Speaker Of Congress 2.Minister Of Government 3.Congress Members 4.Other ministers 5.Department Heads 6. Ministry Of Government Members 7.Ministry Members 8.Department Members

Justice Branch 1.Prime Minister 2.Minister Of Justice 3.Supreme Judge 4.Judge 5.Bailiff 6.Official Jury Member 7.Official Lawyers

Law and order

A court session works with the Chairman Of The Courtroom declaring ti begins. The Chairman Of The Courtroom is usually held by the person who runs this court room like a judge, Supreme Judge or Minister OF Justice. The rest of it operates as the American Justice system. At the end jury votes and the judge has the choice to approve or veto there choice. This can go on 3 times until it moves onto the Supreme Court. Here it works the same but instead if the Supreme judge vetoes the jury 2 times the Minister Of Justice has the final say.

Foreign Relations

Nations Name Status
Known Nation Status
Appalachia Formally Recognized
Kingdom Of Bepistan Formally Recognized
Kingdom Of Misberia Formally Recognized
Aenderian Republic Semi-Recognized
Aeuvenum Formally Recognized
Fesmar/Glynawan/Kenneth's Nations Respected
Elysium Formally Recognized
Manche Formally Recognized
Flandras Formally Recognized
Warsaw Pact Respected
USRG Formally Recognized
PCS Respected
Pascals Nations Formally Recognized


Party Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats in Legislature
Tonyist Leftist Union TLU Tony Sweigart And Council Broadly left Big Tent Leftist Tonyism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Tonyist Socialism
2 / 5
Christian Communist Party CCP Aderno Communist Communist, Socialist, Christian, Authoritarian
0 / 5
Monarchist Somcowian Party MSP Raolin Monarchist Monarchist, Authoritarian, Broadly Right
1 / 5
Independent IND N/A Big Tent Leftist,Rightist
2 / 5


Name Capital Current Governor
Somcow Somcow Prime Minister Charlie
South Somcow New Rapids Great Sir William
ligenhom Lige City Sir Callan
Pure GrKhan Head Of Nation, Lord Tony
North Gull Lake City(East Half) Prime Minister Charlie
South Gull Gull Sir Ben
Lake Lake City (West Half) Grand Sir Callan
Maximum Max-i Village Sir Max
Colony Districts
New Michigan Northern American Village Head Of Colony Affairs
New America Southern American Village Head Colony Affairs
Nerva Nerva Grand Sir Of Nerva
Colony OF Guinea Pig Tonyium Colonial Governor, Great Sir Nik
Territory Of Beechwood Swampia Congressional Governing
Occupied Territory