The Socialist Micronational

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The Socialist Micronational
ChairpersonLuna Lyieovich
Founded21 March 2020
Membership  (parties)4
Democratic Socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsRed

The Socialist Micronational is a left-wing political international dedicated to supporting and organising leftist parties and movements on a micronational scale. Although the official ideologies espoused by the Micronational are Progressivism and Democratic Socialism the Micronational has member parties from across the left. As a matter of principle the Socialist Micronational rejects totalitarianism. The organisation is currently chaired by Luna Lyieovich, the prime organiser and one of the founding members of the organisation.


The main governing body of the organisation is the central committee. The central committee choose a member from among their ranks to chair it. The Central committee is made up of the leaders and deputies of every member party.


The Socialist Micronational was founded on the 21st of march 2020 by Luna Lyieovich, Iacof ap Sidwofsci, Andrew West and Leon Montan.


The Socialist Micronational has member parties from across the globe. There are currently 4 member parties and no observer parties.The following are member parties of the International:

Country Name Government Notes
Daragonian flag.png Daragonia Republican Peoples Party in government In coalition with Parliament's sole Independent MP
Flag of Caudonia.png Caudonia Social Democratic Party in government
PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills Socialist Worker's Party in government Rule under a provisional government as the country transitions to a multi-party