The September War (New Elmhurst)

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The September War (New Elmhurst)
Date21 September 2015 - 1 October 2015
Status Republican surrender
Republican Forces
New Elmhurst September 14th Flag.jpg Republic of New Elmhurst (Disbanded)
 • New Elmhurst September 14th Flag.jpg New Elmhurst Liberation Front (Disbanded)
 • Flag of the New Elmhurstian Freedom Movement.png New Elmhurstian Freedom Movement (Disbanded)
 • Frisbella flag.png Kingdom of the Spiral
Monarchist Forces
Utopiaflag.jpg United Kingdom of New Elmhurst
 • Utopiaflag.jpg Committee for National Salvation
Xil.jpg Dominion of Xivilna
Seceded States
RedFlag.png Berghavian Rebels
 • Nomalia flag.png Empire of Nomalia
 • Uplands Flag.png Uplands Rebels
 • The strip flag.png Strip Rebels
Commanders and leaders
New Elmhurst September 14th Flag.jpg Eren Scott
Flag of the New Elmhurstian Freedom Movement.png Joint-Leadership of Rebel Forces
 • Frisbella flag.png King Scott
Utopiaflag.jpgKuri Kabanov
Xil.jpg Nicholas Strausbaugh
 • RedFlag.png King Sean
 • Nomalia flag.png Alexander David
 • Uplands Flag.png Unknown
 • The strip flag.png Unknown
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The September War in New Elmhurst was a civil war occurring in New Elmhurst between the Republican forces led by Eren Scott, and the Monarchists led by King Joseph.


On the 21st of September, 2015, the President of the Republic of New Elmhurst had made the announcement that the country would slowly begin a transfer to a democratic system, from the military dictatorship it had been for the past few months. Upon hearing this, several Colonels in the Armed Forces rose up against the President, launching a military coup. The next hour was confusing, as military figures and politicians scrambled to align themselves with either the Republicans or the Monarchists, who had taken power.


Later that day, negotiations were held between the two forces. The negotiations went on for about three hours, and were rather harsh and hostile. In the end, the former King, King Joseph, declared his support for the Monarchist faction. Ordering the Republicans to submit to the new Government, they refused. The two leaders were then exiled by the King. At 10:44 PM, EST, the Republic of New Elmhurst formally declared war on the United Kingdom, beginning the civil war.

First Stages

War began rather quietly, with the formal declaration followed by men siding with either leader. The territory of Arthur, long a rogue entity of New Elmhurst, broke away from Eren Scott's leadership and sided with the Monarchist faction, with Scott having previously claimed that all land was under Republican control, this was a blow to his legitimacy. Both sides then rushed to prepare propaganda pieces and traded verbal barbs.

On Sept 24th, a noted supporter of the Republicans and the NELF, Grant Hawkins, defected to the Monarchist side. He was named a Colonel in the Monarchists' Armed Forces and granted full amnesty for his actions as a member of the NELF.

About a week after the start of the war, the Republican forces surrendered on certain terms, leaving the Republican and Monarchist forces to fight to retake the seceded lands.


The civil war has many factions. Including the Republicans, Monarchists, and several rebel groups.


The Republican forces are led by Eren Scott, who was the former President of the Republic of New Elmhurst. After announcing that the nation was going to transition into a Democracy, several Colonels in the Army overthrew him. Scott founded the New Elmhurstian Liberation Front, which was supported by the New Elmhurstian Freedom Movement, which was founded a few days after the NELF.


The Monarchist forces are led by Kuri Kabanov, who was one of the two Colonels who overthrew Lewis after the announcement. Kabanov joined the Coup along with Leon Williamson, after Williamson announced that this new Government would support the Monarchy returning. The Monarchists formed the Committee for National Salvation.

Seceded Provinces and Rebel groups

During the beginning of the civil war, many of the former provinces of the Republic declared their secession, including Berghav and Nomalia. Most of them declared their hostilities in the war, except the Kingdom of the Spiral, who declared their independence as a Spiralist State. They quickly joined up into the war, supporting the Republicans.

Map of the Civil War in mainland New Elmhurst. Dark blue is the Republic forces, light blue is the Uplands Rebels, baby blue is the Strip Rebels, Black is the Kingdom of the Spiral, Purple is the Nomalian Rebels