Royal Family of Istria

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Istrian Royal Family
Coat of Arms of the Istrian Royal Family

HRM Queen Sara I HRM King Comp I
HRM Queen Maríe I HRM King Dimitri I

  • Crown Prince Phillipe I
  • HRH Princess Nina-Claudié of Istresky
    • HRH Prince Jacob of Istresky
    • HRH Princess Patricia of Garda
  • HRH Princess Emma Claraine of Hamburgese

The Istrian Royal Family (or The Istrian Dynasty) sometimes named "The Royal House of Istria" it's the close family of Her Royal Majesty Queen Maríe I, descendent of the first monarch of the Istrian Kingdom. It is a institution that executes in the name of Istria public activities representing the nation. It is formed by members designated by HRM The Queen, in dynastic succesion.

The activities of representing the nation take place in compliance with the provisions of a special, internal legal document, called Her Majesties Royal Family Status(in the present, the official name of the document is The Fundamental Family Succesion Act of the Istrian Royal Family).

The Royal Family of Iordan descends, in a direct genealogical line, from the Family of w:Oldenburg-w:Glücksburg.


The Royal House of Istresky-Glücksburg-Oldenburg, was formed by HRM Queen Sara I and King Comp I on the 26th of December 1935 when the Kingdom of Istria declared it's independence from Danmark.

Glücksburg Coats of Arms

In 1960, Her Royal Majesty Queen Maríe I decided to change the name from Istresky-Glücksburg-Oldenburg to Iordan, beeing more easy to pronnounde and also changed the official language of the Kingdom to romanian because of the linguistic problem of the Istrian Language.

In 1980 the members of the Royal House of Iordan wore exiled to Islaz Royal Dommain by the Imperialistic Regime that took over the Kingdom.


Her Majesties close Family

HRM Queen Sara I of Iordan

HRM King Comp I of Iordan

Relevant Families

Vistación Family

  • Countess Sissi I of Vistación
  • Earl Otto I of Vistación
    • Viscountess Anne I of Vistación
    • Viscount Karl II of Hamburg
      • Sisi II of Vistación-Hamburg
      • Sina I of Vistación-Hamburg
      • Kisi I of Vistación-Hamburg
        • Otto II of Vistación-Hamburg
  • Countess Karla of Vistación
  • Earl Boris of Vistación
    • Duchess Nina-Claudié of Vistación-Iordan

Roy Family

Royal Estates

List of Royal Estates

Residence Location Type Residents Notes
The Royal Palace Hamburg Crown The Queen
Bacre House Hamburg Private Prince Jacob, Princess Andreea
The Anne Palace Bianca Private The Queen
Laeves Manor Bianca Private The Duke of Istresky, The Duchess of Comment ça va
The Sumirial Palace of Garda Garda Crown The Marchioness of Hamburgese, The Duke of Istresky

Family Three

Royal Family Tree

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Royal Controvercies and Dramas

Princess Elena-Johana's marriage into the family

Her Majesty the Queen was sceptical about the marriage of his son, Prince Hadrianus with the famous and rebelious Princess Elena-Johana. She was known for her thrown away character, quite ambiguous. His Majesty King Dimitri accepted her without a doubt beeing a great listener. He wasn't less strict but he managed to learn her the royal path. After he died he left this legacy to HM Queen Anne I of Lotriori, and a very important High Priest of the Istrian culture, who left serving another church in Alba Iulia. They managed to make her royal, behave like a real royal, and accept the importance of the unity in the family. Today she is seen as one of the most important if not the most important image for the Lotriori Family. She was present with an impecable outfit and ettiquet at all important royal events, weedings, dinners and funerals. She is the 'most important person' to HM Queen Anne I, as she managed to be there in every moment of her life in the last years.

The Queens agression with her daughters in law

Princess Elena isn't the single one who had problems with the Queen. Her other daughter in law also had many problems regarding the ettiquet and other aspects of her appearence in public. There is known to have been at least 5 fights reported by the butlers to the press. It is important to note that if that is the case, Nina is the favourite of HM The Queen.

The wedding invite scandal

Right before his wedding, Prince Jacob remembered to invite the most important characters of the royal family: his grandmother, his uncle and aunt and cousin. That cought light in the media as he sent in the last week before his wedding invitations to the four other members. This made the hadlines as just the Queen showing up from the list. It is said that even the Queen of Lotriori beeing struck by the decision of Bacre House not to invite this, otherwise essential royal characters.

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