The Republic of Wexford

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The 3rd Republic of Wexford is a micronation situated in the southwest of Ireland, claiming the entirety of Co. Wexford.


The First Republic

Wexford was founded in April 2019 as a democratic republic. It gained recognition from Principality of Tomeone and Principality of Ledilia. It also participated in the Greater European Pact (from 2019-January 2020)

Ledilian-Wexford war (2019)

Months of tension between Wexford and Ledilia lead to the Ledilan-Wexford War. After weeks of fighting, both sides agreed on a white peace.

The Second Republic

The first republic was dissolved after the goverment become corrupt and in its place, the Second Republic of Wexford formed.

The Federation of the British Isles

There were talks of the micronations of the Republic of Gwent and the Socialist Union of Yorkshire, both Wexford subjects at the time to form a union in which all micronations would have equal representation. These plans were eventually cancelled as the second republic began to phase out.

The Third Republic (2020)

On the 27th of January 2020, the third republic formed, replacing the dormant second republic.