Republic of Veristrovia

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Republic of Veristrovia

Nulla Paenitentia (Latin: No Regrets)
Official language(s)English, French
Short nameVeristrovia
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingSawyer Anderson
LegislatureHouse of Representatives
Established24 April 2016
Area claimed4000 m²
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneVeristrovia Standard Time (UTC-7) daylight savings time is not observed
National sportCroquet
National dishBagels
National drinkMilk
National animalVelociraptor

Official website

Veristrovia, known formally as The Republic of Veristrovia is a self-proclaimed micronation, located in Los Altos Hills, California. It was founded on April 24, 2016 when the people of Veristrovia declared their sovereignty.[1] An application for membership in the United Nations is in progress, however Veristrovia is not yet officially recognized as a country by the international community. Veristrovia is a Constitutional monarchy led by a King with a House of Representatives. The current king of Veristrovia is Sawyer Anderson, who will serve a life-long term.


The name Veristrovia derives from the Latin words veris meaning truth and via meaning path or journey, as well as the Swedish word tro meaning believe. Taken together, Veristrovia means believe in your journey for the truth.


On 24 April 2016, the people of Veristrovia declared a peaceful separation from the United States, expressing their intent to establish Veristrovia as an independent sovereign nation.[1] The Constitution of the Republic of Veristrovia[2] was ratified unanimously on the same day and Sawyer Anderson was crowned as King.

Government and politics

The government of Veristrovia is a form of constitutional monarchy. All legislative powers are vested in the King and a House of Representatives. The members of the House are elected by the people of Veristrovia and must be citizens of Veristrovia to serve. The King also holds a place as a Representative to further protect the interests of the monarchy. The executive power rests solely with the King. The judicial power is also vested in the King, who is responsible for appointing judges for the lower courts. The King acts as the supreme court and is the final arbiter of the law of the land.

The King serves a life-time term. In the case of the King's death, resignation or inability to serve, elections will be held to fill the vacancy. Only citizens of Veristrovia are eligible for the office of the King.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Veristrovia currently enjoys strong diplomatic ties with the United States of America and has an open border policy.

Veristrovia recognizes several fellow micronations, including The Republic of Molossia, The Free Republic of Liberland, and the Principality of Sealand. Veristrovia is not yet recognized by any other sovereign nations.


The King of Veristrovia is the Commander-in-chief of all branches of the Veristrovian military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Force of the Republic.

Geography and climate

The territory of Veristrovia consists of the Anderson's family home and surrounding property, and is enclaved within the city of Los Altos Hills in Santa Clara County, California in the United States. The total area of Veristrovia is approximately 1 acre (4000 m²) in size, making it one of the smallest micronations.[3] Veristrovia is nestled within a group of small hills and enjoys a warm and temperate climate.[4]


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