Republic of the Human Reef

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The Republic of the Human Reef was a micronation located in the North Pacific Ocean, 50 km away from Russia, it was founded on the 29th December 2016 and had a population of 2, the population may have been low but it's size made up for it completely, 200 km of the Pacific was owned by this country!

It's capital was Joland and had one person living there, the other was living outside of the Human Reef territory.

The Human Reef was discovered when the founder was exploring Google Maps and came across an intriguing Sea Structure, they examined it, and to their surprise, it looked like a bunch of Humans balancing on top of each other, they chose to call it the Human Reef due to that discovery.

It did not have an official language, however English and German was spoken there, their currency never managed to get developed.

It's national anthem was "God Save Our Reef" which was written and composed by Thomas Bergersten and was originally called "Victory".