The Republic of Socialist Pavia

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Republic of Socialist Pavia

Павенство и свобода для все (Russian: Equality and peace for all)
Non Piu Andrai - Mozart
Argyll and Bute, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Capital cityCamers
Largest cityCamers
Official language(s)English, French and Russian
Official religion(s)Agnostic (100%)
Short namePavia
GovernmentDemocratic Socialism
President Cameron
Established23rd of September, 2018
Area claimed5m²
Population1 (as of 2018)
CurrencyPavian Pound
Time zone(GMT)
National sportField hockey
National animalTabby cat


The Republic of Socialist Pavia (/pavi.a/) is a micronation founded by founding father - Tyler Cameron - on the 23rd of September, 2018. The country currently has a population of 1.


Pavia comes from a shortening of the Russian word for equality, павенство (/pavjɛnsto/).


After having enough of Britains political choices, Tyler Cameron founded and declared the independence of the micronation Pavia, or officially, the Republic of Socialist Pavia. He built the nation on liberal views and a democratic-socialist ideology. He wanted to create a nation where citizens could become citizens right at their own home, without having to move; he did this by having the citizens give the Republic of Socialist Pavia a piece of land (that they permanently live on). This could be a bedroom, to a town. On the day after the Pavian Independence Day, a website was put up. Also, the newly self-declared President Cameron advertised his nation on Reddit and Google+.

Government and politics

The legislation system of the Republic of Socialist Pavia is a democratic one; laws are made and voted on by the House of Parliment.

The head of government and state is called the President, who is the face of the country and leader of the party who won a majority in parliament. The Minister of Finance manages the (not yet created) national bank, the Minister of Internal Affairs accepts citizens and completes other duties relating to the internal affairs of the state, and finally, the Minister of Foreign Affairs manages allies, diplomatic relations and other relating duties.

Law and order

Currently, there is an idea that the powers of a judicial system will be held in the people of the state; a jury that everyone is involved in.

Foreign relations


No national military has been established.

Geography and climate

The Republic of Socialist Pavia is located up north, enclaved by Scotland. This means that there is a relatively cold climate and that the weather is mostly rainy, dull and/or cloudy, however, a rare sunshine does show during some weeks. Camers, the only city, and the capital is inside a house, therefore on flat land.


The economy of Pavia is stable.





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